Free Autism Apps: Splatter HD Review

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Autism Apps: Splatter HD Version 1.0

Developer: Radtastical, Inc.

Platform: iPad (English)

Price: Free Splatter HD - Radtastical, Inc.

Category: Music and Art Apps


We Love FREE Autism Apps!

Splatter HD is a great app for children with autism who enjoy painting, vibrant colors, and tactile learning!  Moms will be thrilled to hear that there is, in fact, a way for a child to make colorful paint splatters for free and with clean-up as easy as a couple of shakes of a stick.  (Or an iPad.)  Splatter HD, by Radtastical, Inc., was not developed with children with autism in mind, but as a fun app that allowed for intense artistic creativity with neon paint splatters.  (Which it succeeded in doing – I had a great time fooling around with this app while I was supposed to be thinking about how this would help my target audience.)  It is, as I stated before, very tactile in style and gives the user the ability to just go crazy and touch random spots on the screen or just drag their entire hand from corner to corner.

And, did I mention that this is a free autism app?  Just checking.

Tips And Ease Of Use

Splatter HD was extremely simple to figure out – I instinctively just started touching my iPad when a plain black screen appeared and suddenly I saw what lesser men may refer to as “pretty colors.”  I immediately started experimenting and discovered a few vital pieces of information.

1.  Fast movements make thinner lines

2.  Slow movements make thicker lines

To erase your work, simply shake the iPad twice.  (I admit, I was a bit worried when I found out you erase your work by shaking.  I fear that some children who have ASD will instinctively shake the iPad after they have made their beautiful barrage of colors before the parent can save it to the photos.  Much, much stranger things have happened.)  To save your child’s work, or your own if you find this app as enjoyable as I did, click on the portrait in the bottom right of the screen.  This will save it into your “photos,” by default the yellow sunflower icon on your home page.  Also, if you want to paint in a specific color instead of random colors, which is the default, click on one of the colors located on the spectrum on the bottom of the screen.

Notice –  Color Spectrum Only Shows Up in Portrait Mode

To go back to random colors, just press the shuffle button on the bottom left corner of the screen.  I think that the children I work with, I spend hours at NWSRA sites, will love this app for its freedom, array of bright colors, and simplicity.  I, and parents, love it because it is free!

Parents – Take a Screenshot of the Art

In case you don’ know how to do this, while the app is still up, click the circle button on the iPad and the lock button on top of the iPad.  This will take a screenshot of the art.  I recommend doing this because the app has a bug which turns the background of the saved pictures white, which kind of ruins the effect.

Check Out My Splatter HD Photos!

I had way too much fun with this app…

Splatter HD app paint

Splatter HD Screenshot

Splatter HD Screenshot iPad App

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