Autism App: iRewardChart Review

autism iPad App

App: iRewardChart Version 1.8

Developer: Gotclues, Inc.

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android

Price: $3.99  Download iPad App or Download Android App

Category: Behavioral and Social Story Apps


Children Reward Charts: A Great Way To Track Behaviors And Motivate Children With Special Needs

The iRewardChart iPhone App has tons of features which make it a great choice for parents trying to motivate their children who are on the ASD spectrum.  This cool autism ipad app offers an easy way to give out “stars,” which can be accumulated and turned into customizable rewards.  (For example, maybe a child will need fifteen stars to earn a trip to the mall.)

Every day, the child has an opportunity to earn a star by completing the activity described.  (For instance, “Clean Up Room” is a simple example task.  If he/she cleans his/her room, then the child receives a star for that day for that task.)  You may add as many tasks (and children) as you want, and even have the option to give a child more than one star for a certain activity if they did an exceptionally good job.


autism ipad app review iReward


Make Sure That Red Stars Are A Good Idea

Some children with autism do not react well to penalties, so you will need to judge this based on your child’s special needs, but the parent also has the ability to subtract stars if a kid refuses to do the activity.  While this is a great way, in addition to offering them rewards, to motivate children with ASD, sometimes these kids do not react well to negative reinforcement, and this could discourage them from trying to earn stars and purchase rewards.


apps for children with autism irewardchart


How Do I Know What Rewards They Have Purchased And If They Have Given Themselves Stars?

The iRewardChart iPhone app has a “lock” ability, which I strongly recommend using, that gives the guardian an option to have a four digit code which needs to be entered before any changes are made.  The child can still open the cool iPhone app, browse to see how many stars he/she has, view the current tasks, and check out rewards, but they can’t make any transactions or give themselves stars.  The app keeps track of all data so you can look back and see if your child’s behavior is improving, and it even gives you the option to share if your child gets a perfect score for the week on an activity.

Autism iPad Apps:  The Free Version

A free “Lite” version is also available called iRewardChart Lite.  The lite children reward charts version is limited to use for one child and only four tasks per week.

Want to Get This App?

Download iPad App or  Download Android App


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