A Bee Sees: Free Autism Apps for iPad and iPhone


App: A Bee SeesA Bee Sees app logo

Developer: Headlight Software

Platform: iPhone , iPod Touch, and iPad (English)

Price:  FREE A Bee Sees - Learning Letters, Numbers, and Colors - Headlight Software, Inc.

Category: Reading and Writing Apps

Free Autism Apps for iPad: Teach Letter, Number, Color Identification

A Bee Sees is one of the free autism apps for iPad that is a combination of a teaching application and a game application.  This iPad app for children with autism helps them learn letters of the alphabet, numbers, and colors.  (Only colors are available in the free Lite version.  Letters and numbers require a $.99 purchase once inside the free app.)

A Bee Sees iPad App: Why Is the Bee So Excruciatingly Slow?

To begin, five balloons will appear on the screen, surrounding a bee in the middle.  Your child needs only to listen to the command and then tap the correct balloon.  For example, A Bee Sees will say, “show me the letter k.”  Your child will tap the correct balloon, and the program will celebrate.  Tap the wrong balloon, and you get to try again.  The only problem is … the bee takes forever to get from one balloon to another, and I fear that children on the ASD spectrum will quickly become bored.


free autism apps for ipad A Bee Sees

A Bee Sees Has Sign Language Capability

Tap the bee at the bottom right of the home-screen to open the settings or make the $.99 in app purchase to unlock letters and numbers.  When the settings come up, you may select ASL to teach your child.  A Bee Sees will work the same way as before except it will show hands instead of letters.  Other settings you can change are the volume, the short phrase option, upper+lower case letters, the number range which can be displayed, and how things are pronounced.


a bee sees ipad review


A Bee Sees Game Portion Is … Disappointing

The game aspect of A Bee Sees, (there is a separate button for the game) which does not teach your child, is relatively mundane.  The bee moves at such a slow pace that kids will fall asleep before the bee gets to a balloon and pops it.  Honestly, Headlight, you need to make the bee go faster.  It is frustrating.

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