iPhone Apps for Autism: Adam’s Game Review

App: Adam’s Gameapp for kids with autism

Developer: Sol Robots

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (English, German)

Price: $1.99 Adam's Game - Toddler Voice Flash Cards - Sol Robots

Category: Game Apps


iPhone Apps for Autism: Adam’s Game is a Conventional Selection Game

Adam’s Game is typical of iPhone apps for autism which focus on selection.  This app provides the user with three different choices, and instructs them to choose one.  If your child taps the correct object, a new set of three objects is brought up.  If they tap the incorrect object, the item that was supposed to be tapped lights up different colors, and your child gets to try again.  This is a great way to teach children who have autism to identify simple objects such as numbers, letters, animals, food, and more.


iphone apps for autism


Changing The Settings in Adam’s Game

This app includes a feature that makes it difficult for your child to alter the settings, which is a good thing!  Once set, the features can only be accessed by drawing a circle with your finger.

The settings allow you to alter the number of turns in a game, as well as add custom items.

When adding custom items, Adam’s Game gives you the ability to add sound bytes in addition to pictures.

A “turn” in Adam’s Game is equal to the number of items your child has to pick correctly before music is played and the object flies across the screen.

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