Free Autism App: Model Me Going Places 2 Review

free autism app model me going places 2


Autism App: Model Me Going Places 2 Version 3.0

Developer: Model Me Kids, LLC

Platform: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone (English)

Price: Free  Model Me Going Places 2 - Model Me Kids, LLC

Category: Behavioral and Social Story Apps


Free Autism App Models Exemplary Behavior By Coupling Visuals With Audio

Model Me Going Places 2 emphasizes taking turns and calm hands in a fun and enjoyable manner!  The free iPad application includes six scenarios: Hairdresser, Mall, Doctor, Playground, Grocery Store, and Restaurant.


model me going places screenshot


Haircuts Don’t Hurt!

Each short story has around eleven slides, and depicts different children correctly handling various situations.  For example, many children with autism are afraid to get a haircut because they don’t understand that hair does not hurt like any other body part when it is cut.  After watching a small boy, smiling the whole time, going through the process, they will feel more comfortable.


model me going places 2 haircut


Positive Reinforcement

Model Me Kids, Inc. even includes a “That was easy!” statement at the end of most social story scenarios.


haircut social story


What Do The Stories Emphasize – Specifically?

All of the short stories mention two major things which children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) often have difficulty with – waiting calmly and keeping their hands to themselves.  Honestly, even if the children are not following the social stories or really caring about the correct etiquette, they will have a ball watching the pictures, listening to the voices, and listening to the music.

Every time the kid taps the green arrow in the bottom right corner, Model Me Going Places 2 goes to the next slide, furthering the story.  Text appears on the bottom of the screen and is read aloud.  A picture of the event taking place is also shown, increasing the mental pathways through which this information can travel.


autism app model me going places

App Tip

Hint: If your child on the autism spectrum would rather just watch the scenario play out rather than tapping the button, just hit the purple arrow on the top right to keep the slides moving continuously.  The orange arrow on the bottom left moves the iPad application back a slide.

Model Me Going Places 2 is a great social stories autism app for children who need an example of appropriate behavior given to them in a creative way!



Watch our video review of Model Me Going Places 2!



Get Model Me Going Places 2 for FREE on iTunes:   Model Me Going Places 2 - Model Me Kids, LLC


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  5. Wayne Harrison on October 27, 2013 at 11:18 am

    It would be great if you could develope this for android please :)

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