BalloonMaker Autism App Review

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App: BalloonMaker Version 1.0

Developer: Troy Tegeder

Platform: iPhone / iPad / Android (English)

Price: $.99 – Download BalloonMaker or Download Android App

Category: Game Apps


Perfect (Inexpensive) Addition to Your Child’s Autism Apps

BalloonMaker is extremely simple to use and is visually stimulating.  Blow ’em up and watch ’em pop!  In fact, there is not even a start menu for this autism iPad App!  Just click on the BalloonMaker icon and instantly start blowing up seven different colors of balloons!  The longer the child holds his finger on the screen, the more a balloon will expand.  Then, the user can tap the balloons to pop them to make room for more!  Also, tilting the iPad will change the gravity, causing the balloons to float to the top of different sides of the device.


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Does Balloon Maker Work on Both iPhone/iPad?

Technically, Balloonmaker is an iPhone application.  Despite this fact, I bought it specifically for my iPad 2.  Why?  Because the resolution is pretty good and does not change much when the picture is blown up to fit the screen of the iPad.  So, basically, this app for children with autism is both for the iPhone and the iPad.  BalloonMaker is $.99, not a bad price, and is a blast …  a dance party for your child’s fingers.  Most children on the ASD spectrum will love this autism iPad App.  (If even only for a short time period – it’s fun, but it is a little short on features.)


BalloonMaker for Android Devices

Good news for Android users! BalloonMaker is available for Android, too!

If your child enjoys BalloonMaker, check out Jack’s Balloonimals App Review — another interactive balloon app that allows your child to inflate balloons with their breath, shake the device, and create fun animal shapes.

Want to Get This App?

Download from iTunes:  Download BalloonMaker   or   Download Android App


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3 Responses to BalloonMaker Autism App Review

  1. Troy on May 27, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    There’s a new update to BalloonMaker – now it’s a universal app built for both iPhone and iPad!

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