Preschool Tracing Letters and Numbers: Letter Tracer App Review

App: Letter TracerPreschool Tracing Letters and Numbers

Developer: Niftybrick Software, LLC

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (English)

Price: $.99   Letter Tracer preschool letters writing practice - Niftybrick Software

Category: Reading and Writing Apps


Cool Writing App for iPhone Has Potential

Letter Tracer is a “pretty good” preschool tracing letters and numbers app that has potential to be “great.”  This iPhone app for children who have ASD’s provides kids with all 26 letters of the alphabet, both uppercase and lowercase, and numbers zero through nine.

Letter Tracer displays a large blank letter, starting with A, and allows you to trace the character.  The only problem is, this application has no idea if your child is attempting to write the letter or is just coloring randomly for fun.  (Which, I assure you, is what most children who have autism will instinctively do unless instructed otherwise.)

Keep in mind while you read this review that for Letter Tracer to serve its intended purpose of teaching your child numbers and letters, you need to keep them on the right track as a parent or guardian.  (This iPhone autism app also doesn’t teach the user how to form the letters correctly, where to start the stroke and things like that, but from my experience if they can write the letter then you don’t need to get yourself in a tizzy because they didn’t start the up from the bottom or something nitpicky like that.)

letter tracer autism app iphone

Preschool Tracing Letters and Numbers App Is Useful with Supervision

It’s important to set up the app before you give it to your child to make sure everything is the way you want it.  First, you must understand the buttons on the bottom of the Letter Tracer iPhone app.  The back arrow takes you back a letter, the forward arrow takes you to the next letter, the cog wheel (gear) brings you to the settings (this is important),  and the paintbrush toggles the ability to trace the letter.  (If the letters are colored in, then your child cannot trace the letter, he can only hear it being said.)

You are going to want to click on the gear, which will take you to the settings.  Make the brush size pretty thick, pull the circle almost all the way to the right, because I found it frustrating when the pen size was extremely small (and it didn’t look nearly as cool).

Next, choose the voice that your child would like the most – child, male, female – and pick their favorite color.  (Some autistic children get really upset over “bad” colors, so I’m mentioning the feature.)  Go ahead and explore all of the different options, the different letter format is shown in the picture below, and tweak the app to fit your child’s needs.

letter tracer iphone app children with autsim

Consensus – Petition Niftybrick to Include Positive Feedback

Niftybrick, if you ever read this, it would be great if you would create an update for Letter Tracer that gives the children with ASD feedback.  (Only positive feedback, though.  Negative feedback just ends badly.)

Parents, if you ensure that your kid is attempting to fill in the letters and numbers, not just scribbling mindlessly, then I believe that this preschool tracing letters and numbers app will be extremely helpful.  There is no free version, but $.99 is a very reasonable price.  Letter Tracer is in fact made for iPhone, but, as with many apps for touch, the resolution does not worsen when blown up on an iPad.


Want to Get This App?

Download Preschool Tracing Letters and Numbers:     Letter Tracer preschool letters writing practice - Niftybrick Software

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