Refusal To Make Eye Contact? Try Look In My Eyes 2 – Car Mechanic

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App: Look In My Eyes 2 Car Mechanic – Version 2.0

Developer: David Cort at FizzBrain

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (English)

Price: $2.99   Download Look In My Eyes 2 Car Mechanic

Category: Behavioral and Social Stories Apps


Make Eye Contact With This Fun App

A great number of children affected by autism show a refusal to make eye contact, something that is usually socially comfortable for most people.  Look In My Eyes 2 – Car Mechanic was designed by David Cort specifically to help children with autism make eye contact, but in a non-threatening way.

The iPhone game is extremely fun and addictive, and works as follows: a picture of a kid will be displayed on-screen, and numbers will flash in their eyes.  The iPhone application will then ask, “What Was My Number?”  If your child answers correctly, they earn $2.  If they answer incorrectly, a new picture comes up and new numbers are flashed.


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Your Child Will Make Eye Contact With Another Child to Earn Prizes

The money which your child earns by choosing the correct number shown in the eyes of the other kid can be used in the game to buy vehicles, products, and customers.  The available vehicles for purchase are the flower power bug, the fire blue bug, the lady bug bug, and the tow truck.  The “products” section includes items such as gas pumps, tires, signs, soda machines, and things of this nature.  Customers can be purchased and placed in your “scene.”


Look In My Eyes – What Can My Child Do With The Purchases They Make?

There are five different areas in Look In My Eyes 2 – Car Mechanic: outside, inside, garage, cellar, and secret.  They all have different backgrounds, and your child can place their purchased items in any of these five rooms.  Basically, the purchases have no functionality, but instead serve as props, and children with ASD have historically loved moving these items around and creating new combinations.


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Look In My Eyes – Navigation and User Tips

One aspect of this autism iPhone app that was difficult to figure out, was moving bought objects to different rooms.  All objects, by default, show up in the “outside” area.  To move the products to another room, just grab the item and drag it to the side of the screen.  Besides this one action, all menus are easy to understand, and the game is self-explanatory for the most part.  This is a great iPhone app that will help kids learn to make eye contact in a confident manner.

Other Versions of Look In My Eyes

Also available in different scenarios:


Want to Get This App?

Download Look In My Eyes 2 Car Mechanic

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