Simple Mobile App: Shape Builder Puzzle Game

App: Shape Builder – The Preschool Learning Puzzle Game – Version 1.3 simple mobile app

Developer: Darren Murtha Design

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Kindle (English)

Price: $.99 Download Shape Builder   or   Download Kindle App

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Simple Mobile App is Easy To Understand

The Shape Builder iPhone app presents children with autism wonderfully abstract pictures and corresponding puzzle pieces.

The user simply drags the correct piece into the corresponding outline for the piece, and voila!  It snaps in place.  Once your child has put all of the pieces into their correct spots, the completed picture is shown, along with text and sound to help reinforce what your child has learned.

For example, if I were to drag five pieces into their corresponding spots on a puzzle that somewhat looks like a lion, a real lion’s picture would then be displayed and the simple mobile app would say, “lion.”


shape builder iphone app


Shape Builder App: No Menu, No Confusion

Unlike many other mobile apps, Shape Builder does not have a menu – it jumps right into the shapes without hesitation.  This is great news for any parent with a child on the autism spectrum, since menus give their children the ability to tamper with settings and cause other mischief.


puzzle app iphone

firefighter cartoon clip art


With Shape Builder, your child can start putting the puzzles together immediately.  The objects depicted within the app include numbers, letters, food, instruments, animals, and more.  Children will never tire of putting these colorful shapes together and seeing their colorful creations come to life.


Shape Builder: Spanish Version Available

Shape Builder Spanish – Espanol – Shape Builder Spanish – Español – the Preschool Learning Puzzle Game – Darren Murtha Design


Want to Get This App?

Download at iTunes: Download Shape Builder    or    Download Kindle App


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