Visual Schedules for Kids With Autism: First Then Visual Schedule App

visual schedules for autism

App: First Then Visual Schedule (v. 1.1.6)

Developer: Good Karma Applications

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android (English)

Price: $14.99  (iOS) Download First Then Visual Schedule

or  $9.99  Download Android App

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Visual Schedules: Simple Interface Is Endlessly Customizable.  ENDLESSLY.

First Then Visual Schedule, first off, requires a disambiguation regarding its name.  First Then Visual Schedule should actually be titled “First ____ Then ____ Visual Schedule.”  I hope that now you understand the name of this cool application.

This Visual Schedules for Autism App is an iOS and Android application helps kids with autism understand what is currently going on and what will be coming up in their lives, which makes them feel more comfortable.

First Then Visual Schedule allows you to create your own visual electronic schedules complete with text, voice, and picture.




Visual Schedules Provide Structure

When viewing a Visual Schedule, your child has three options: Full Mode, Split Mode, and List Mode.

  • Full Mode Visual Schedule –  Displays a single large picture with large text at the top, and the next activity can be viewed by swiping horizontally.  The only problem with Full Mode is that it doesn’t stop at each activity, i.e. your child can swipe all the way to the last activity in one stroke or accidentally miss an activity.  (This could lead to some very upset children, so a little adult supervision might be in order.)


  • Split Mode Visual Schedule –  In my opinion, this is better than Full Mode in the sense that it shows two pictures on the screen with an arrow between them, so your child will not accidentally skip an activity.  Though you can also swipe to the last item in one movement, it is much more difficult to become confused.


first then split


  • List Mode Visual Schedule –  List Mode would be perfect for children with autism who don’t need large visuals.  This mode displays about five activities in a vertical list.  This mode shows them the big picture and makes it easy to understand what will be going on during the day.


fist then list mode


$9.99 Is Not Your Typical App Price – Why?

You might feel like $9.99 is expensive for a visual schedule maker.  But, honestly, you’re getting a great deal.

For a solid non-electronic Visual Schedule, you have to fork over around $30.00.  In addition, these low-tech schedules cost three times the First Then Visual Schedule Autism app, and they have a finite number of activities!

And if you want a customized visual schedule, like most parents of children with autism do … prices skyrocket from there.

With First Then Visual Schedule, you can have UNLIMITED customizability for $9.99!  You can use your own pictures, your own sound bytes, and your own text descriptions.  Technology is revolutionary, isn’t it?


first then schedules


Quick Tutorial On How To Edit And Create New Schedules

In the autism app for iphone home page, in the bottom right corner, there’s a button that says, “Edit Mode.”  Click on it, enter editing mode, and click the plus in the top left corner.  This will add a new schedule entirely.  To add or modify the steps of an existing schedule, click on the schedule when in edit mode, then click the edit button at the top right after the image comes on-screen.  Then modify existing steps or tap the “+ -” buttons to add or remove steps.

Put this one on your Top Apps for iPhone List!

If your child likes this app, he or she may also be interested in a story sequencing pictures app – Speech with Milo: Sequencing, developed by Poorani Doonan, a speech therapist.


Want to Get This App?

Download First Then Visual Schedule or   Download Android App


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  9. Sandra on April 10, 2015 at 4:22 pm

    I use “first then” as a cooking and cleaning tool for my 23 year old special needs daughter. it really is a wonderful app. But I was hoping that you could expand the amount of text that can be typed. My daughter can follow simple instructions but there is not enough space to type in “mix all ingredients”. Also I’m not able to take a picture of a measuring cup with water.i’ve tried different angles different cups and tried many different occasions. Not sure if it’s some kind of glitch or we are not supposed to use this app. as a cooking tool. She is able to use this app. For cleaning the bathroom counter, mirror and organizing her room. I really love this app. And have reccomended it to a lot of people.

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