Alternative Augmentative Communication iPhone App: Let’s Talk!

App: Let’s Talk!   Version 3.0augmentative communication app

Developer: Toriken

Platform: iPhone, iTouch, iPad (English)

Price: $1.99 Let’s Talk! – Toriken

Category: Alternative augmentative Communication (AAC) Apps

This Alternative Augmentative Communication App  Is A Great Deal

Let’s Talk! is priced at only $2.99, yet comes with tons of phrases.  The main categories under which specific items are located are: Eat, Drink, Need, Go, I want you to, Watch, Help, Greeting, People, Expressions, Responses, and Feelings.


alternative augmentative communication app


This rather long list of categories shows just how comprehensive Let’s Talk! really is. But, if that’s not enough for you, this app lets you customize with your own voice and pictures.  Alternative augmentative communication devices containing similar software would cost you a lot more than $2.99, trust me.


alternative augmentative communication app

Let’s Talk! Uses Real Voices

All of the objects in Let’s Talk are paired with sound, text, and visual.  When your child clicks “Drink” and then “Water” the app will show the “Drink” and “Water” icons next to each other and say, “I want to drink some water.”


alternative augmentative communication app 2


Another great feature to this alternative augmentative communication app is that the voice is a recording – not computer generated.

I Love the Japanese Cartooning Pictures

One of my favorite things about Let’s Talk!, besides the value, is the Japanese style of the pictures.  The eat and drink icons are Pac-Man-like figures eating or drinking, and all of the people are drawn in the cute “Japanese cartoon” style.


Let’s Talk! Is Wonderfully Easy To Use

Lastly, after the two icons are displayed on the screen, your child can just tap the screen to repeat the phrase.  Easy!  This app is a must for anyone wanting a portable, inexpensive alternative augmentative communication app.


Want to Get This App?

Download from iTunes: Let’s Talk! – Toriken


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