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App: My Choice Board

Developer: Good Karma

Platform: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (English)

Price: $9.99 My Choice Board - Good Karma Applications, Inc

Category: Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) Apps


Alternative Therapy Speech App From The Creators of First Then Visual Schedule

Good Karma Applications has a lot of clout in my book, considering that they were the creators of one of the best visual schedule apps ever created, First Then Visual Schedule.  (The link will take you to my review.)  This iPhone application, My Choice Board, is an alternative to traditional therapy speech apps that functions more as an AAC app vs. a visual schedule.

Upon opening My Choice Board, you are presented with three options:

1.  My Choices

2.  Add Board

3.  Edit Choices

Your child should only be clicking on My Choices.


my choice board aac app


My Choices

The My Choices section is the portion of the therapy speech app that your child will be using.  This contains all of the boards you have created for him from within the app.  The child clicks the board that he wants.  Let’s say, for example, he clicks the board designated as “Activity Choices.”  The screen will display activity choices that your child can choose from.  If he taps on the picture, it will blow up to fill the entire screen and play nice music.  (None of the default boards say the item out loud, but your custom boards can have recorded sound bytes play back.)


my choice board iphone app


Add Board

The Add Board section of this alternative therapy speech app could have been incorporated into the third section, in my opinion.  The only thing that you can do here is add a board.  For example, you can add a board named “Activity Choices,” but you aren’t able to put any choices into it here.  You must visit the Edit Choices section to do this.

Edit Choices

This section of My Choice Board is where you can change the choices available for each board.  If you were creating an “Activity Choices” board, this is where you would add the specific terms, “Craft,” “Swings,” and “Singing.”  (Or whatever else activity you and your child do.)

According to Good Karma, customizable options include:  “A variety of different choice boards can be created and saved for future use … User Can Select the number of choices available on a Choice Board … Choices can be edited to show they are “unavailable” … Images can be uploaded from iPhone camera, Internet image search feature or from personal computer … User has the option of recording sound to be added to images.”  Overall, My Choice Board by Good Karma Applications, Inc. offers excellent customization options for your money.

my choice board aac app

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