Fun Visual App for Kids: Balloonimals

App: Balloonimalsvisual application

Developer: IDEO LLC

Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android (English)

Price: $2.99 Download Balloonimals    or    Download Android App

Category: Game Apps


Colorful Visual Application for Children on The Spectrum

Balloonimals opens with a skinny balloon lain out across the screen and a small icon that reads “blow” amidst a moving cloud.  Listen closely to hear a “blowing” sound coming from the iPhone.  The user breathes into the microphone on the device, and the balloon inflates into a shapeless balloon.  Now, an icon at the bottom of the screen will appear and say, “Shake!”  Your child should gently shake the device until a “ding” noise is heard and “voila!” — an amazing balloon animal is displayed on this fun visual application.  This is where the fun part begins!


balloonimals visual application for ipad


Balloonimals Lets Kids Create and Animate

What can kids do with their newly created Balloonimal?  Each animal has two or three animations that can be played, and all of these are very cute!

For example, if the Balloonimal you just created happens to be a red dog, your child can click on its nose to make him sneeze.  (iPhone versions of the app support vibration, iPad versions do not.)

In addition, the red dog can sit down and scratch his head when your child taps its back legs.

Children with autism will love exploring the creatures’ various animations.  And, when they’re done making their creation jump, scratch, and sit, your child can pop the balloon by tapping the “air pump” in the top right corner of the screen.

If your child loves balloons, he may also enjoy the BalloonMaker app for iPad.


balloonimals autism app


How Many Balloonimals Are There?

I have gone through the entire loop to bring you the answer!  Balloonimals has a finite number of creations that loop once you have blown up and popped them all.  This cool visual application includes two snails, a duck, a kangaroo, a green dino, a lion, an orange crab, a red dog, a blue fish, and a unicorn.  How’s that for a selection of animals?  Kids on the spectrum will love this app — guaranteed!


balloonimals autism


Want to Get This App?

Download from iTunes:  Download Balloonimals    or    Download Android App


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