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App: Speech With Milo: Sequencingspeech with milo sequencing autism ipad app

Developer: Poorani Doonar

Platform: iPhone and iPad (English)

Price: $2.99 Download Speech with Milo: Sequencing

Download Speech with Milo: Sequencing for Android Here

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Speech Sequencing Shows Basic Activities

Speech With Milo: Sequencing is a great iPad and iPhone application for children on the ASD spectrum.  Thanks to Poorani Doonan, a speech therapist and developer of this iPad and iPhone application, for only $2.99 you can replace those old, expensive sets of story sequencing pictures with this fresh, new app.


story sequencing pictures ipad app


As you may know, many children with autism carry around velcro boards, which can depict three steps of an activity in order.  Speech With Milo: Sequencing accomplishes something similar to this, but electronically.

This story sequencing pictures application shows your child three different pictures that pertain to a single activity.  Let’s use the example of tying one’s shoes.  The app displays Milo, a blue mouse, with his shoes both tied, with his shoes both untied, and in the act of tying his shoes.  The user needs to be able to identify that the untied shoes are first, the process of tying shoes is second, and the tied shoes come third.


story sequencing pictures put in order


Features of This Story Sequencing Pictures App

Playing baseball, getting dressed, eating a hamburger, waking up, baking a cake, washing hands, building a sand castle, swimming, diving, going to sleep, reading a book, and watching a movie are just some of the many sequences that are included with Speech With Milo: Sequencing.


speech application asd


When your child has put the three notecards in order, he will be rewarded by applause and with the option to watch the scene he has created.  (To watch, just press the play sign which comes up after the cards are placed correctly in order.)

Speech With Milo: Sequencing – Settings

The settings allow the user to toggle on and off the “success sound,” “unsuccessful sound,” background music, spoken / written words, and hints.  I recommend changing the unsuccessful sound option to “off” and the hints to “on.” (By default, the unsuccessful sound is on and the hints are on, so you’ll need to change the former.)  Many children on the spectrum do not take lightly to negative sounds and might be discouraged from using the app if left as is.  Children with autism like encouragement – doesn’t everyone?  So, reward your kids for their good work!


Want to Get This App?

Download Speech with Milo: Sequencing


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