3 Free Downloadable iPad Apps For Children with Special Needs

3 Free Downloadable iPad Special Needs Apps

Special children’s learning process needs thorough analysis in order to find the best approach in treating their disorder. Aside from enrolling children to school specializing in special education, it’s also relevant to know that parents may also play a major part on the progress of their children’s mental development. Learning should start at home since there are lots of ways parents can help to treat their child’s special needs.

Since modern gadgets nowadays also serve as useful learning tools for children with autism, this article will provide 3 free downloadable iPad apps that autistic children parents’ should try to give them ideas on what approach might best work for their kids. There are various ipad applications that may help develop different skills of kids with autism. Some of them are quite pricey, but here’s the list of FREE iPad apps that are really worth trying out!


PaintByHand is a worth trying application for kids with autism because of its colorful features that would definitely help to enhance their visual perception. Since it is difficult to foresee the exact treatment for autism spectrum disorder, starting with improving their sight could be a good stepping stone to help them see the world clearly. This application will help the children express their creativity and may give way to communicate with other people by expressing themselves through their creations.

PaintByHand is a fun and easy to use finger painting application that would best suit children of different ages. This will not create boredom on users especially on children since there are lots of templates to choose from. This free iPad finger painting app is beneficial for early learning and special learning of children. They would be able to learn color coordination and expand their imagination to create their masterpiece. Learning doesn’t need to be expensive with PainByHand since it is a free downloadable one. (English)

Download Free Version Here

Enhanced Version Available at:   Kids Art with PaintByHand - ontri.com, Inc.





 Social Skills Sampler

With parents’ guidance together with the help of Social Skills Sampler app, children with autism would be able to gradually improve their social skills. This app consists of 80 videos narrated with human audio, offers basic information on warning signs. This iPad app serves as guidelines in providing early awareness to special children to help them cope with their everyday activities at home and in the community.  This will not only help develop social skills but also the behavioral skills of autistic children as they could learn to follow rules by understanding warnings based on certain situations. (English)

Social Skills Sampler - The Conover Company






Communication skill is very difficult to master especially for children with special needs, more specific for autistic children who may have difficulty developing language skills and understanding what others say to them. Some iOS developers have created special apps for autistic children to support their communication theraphy, but due to their high cost, perhaps parents might want to give a shot for this free app.

Verbally, this is really an effective way to help children having difficulties in verbal communication. This app is absolutely free. Having a budget friendly app like this would really save your day. It is not just cost-effective, it proves to be a helpful tool in teaching children speak words and learn to express their selves verbally. Another good thing about the app is that it does not need WIFI connection. Verbally app consists of core words grid and core phrases grid for easy and quick conversation. It also gives the user an option to choose on voice preference for male or female. There are also 3 keyboard layouts provided for more convenient use. (English)


Verbally - Intuary



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