The Dance Party Zoo Game App

App: Dance Party Zoodance party zoo

Developer: FizzBrain

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iTouch (English)

Price: $2.99   Dance Party Zoo - FizzBrain

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The Dance Party App That Will Get Kids Up and Moving

First things first.  Before you get your child up and moving, there is something that you will need to do.  After buying the app, go into the “Directions” menu and make sure that the third button says “Make Competitive.”  If it says, “Make Non-Competitive,” tap it once.  If the competition is turned on, and your child who is on the spectrum does not know how to “feel the beat,” we could have major problems.  Done with that change?  OK – Great!  Let’s move on with the Dance Party Zoo review.


the dance party zoo game home screen

How Does the Dance Party App Entice Kids to Dance?

The Dance Party Zoo app lets your kids choose to become one of nine dancing animals.

The available animal choices are:

  1. Penguin
  2. Lion
  3. Pig
  4. Fox
  5. Kangaroo
  6. Giraffe
  7. Boar
  8. Monkey
  9. Bear


the dance party zoo animals

How Do You Play?

To play the Dance Party Zoo app, you will need to first click on Dance.  Then, select how many players will be dancing – 1 or 2?  Next, input your name.  (This may be difficult for some children with autism, but generally kids who have trouble writing their name can type it more easily.)  Finally, pick a dancer from the nine choices that I discussed above.

The app will now ask you for a music source, and you have three choices – boombox, iPhone, and Zoo Boogie.

The Dance Party Music Sources

The boombox choice assumes that you are playing music from an external source and thus tries to measure the incoming sound and determine a rhythm.

iPhone allows you to pick music from your iPod and play this through the application.

The Zoo Boogie is a default song that works for people who don’t have music uploaded or a boombox available.

Kids Can Replay Their Dance Moves

After the kids are finished dancing as their favorite animal, their animal avatar will replay the dance for their viewing enjoyment.

The Dance Party Zoo Game app is a great way for kids to practice basic motor and balance skills.  In addition, it’s also a fun way for them to reduce anxiety and stress by getting their boogie on!  If you like this type of active app, take a look at the Bowling Game for Kids iPhone App Review, too!


Want to Get This App?

Download from iTunes:  Dance Party Zoo - FizzBrain


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