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App: Touch Tutorialtouch tutorial app autism

Developer: Touch Autism

Platform: iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Price: $2.99, or Lite version Touch Tutorial- Elderly, Autism & Special Education - Touch Autism

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Teach Children With Autism To Use Their Device

It’s wonderful that we’re exposing children with autism to these wonderful and helpful technologies, but how do we make sure that they know how to use the tech that we’re giving them?  Touch Tutorial will help teach any child on the spectrum how to use an iDevice and will help them use it more easily and more freely.  It does this by taking the kids through a step by step process designed by a board certified behavior analyst, BCBA.


touch tutorial


Big Words Say Much Less Than Good Infographics And A Willing Parent

To be quite honest, I was turned off by all of the big words describing the functions of the particular maneuver that it was teaching.  For most kids with autism, these explanations will mean nothing.  Hopefully, they will be able to understand the infographics to a point.  If not, or if they don’t quite understand, a parent should come to the rescue.  Just explain what a “Tap” or “Swipe” or “Hold” is in terms that they will understand.  Then, let them practice on their own.


touch tutorial autism app


About The Settings

When you first load this autism application, tap on the settings tab.  Here, you can adjust how many correct gestures it takes for your child to move on – you can also start the tutorial where your child last left off.  For some kids, you’re going to want to set the number to somewhere around five.  These children already have a basic understanding of using an iPhone or iPad.  For other children, you might want to put the number closer to fifteen.  These kids don’t easily pick up technology and haven’t had much experience with an iTouch, iPhone, or iPad.


touch tutorial app


What Does Touch Tutorial Teach?

Touch Tutorial has the user complete a gesture a set amount of times, and then gives them a cumulative test.  (Don’t worry – there’s no negative feedback involved.)  The application covers the tap, double tap, hold, swipe, zoom in, zoom out, rotate, and shake.  Remember, parents, you are going to need to help your kids out with this app.  They will most likely not be able to go through the tutorial on their own.

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