Speech With Milo: Interactive Story Book Application For Kids With Autism

App: Speech With Milo: Interactive Story Bookspeech with milo interactive storybook

Developer: Doonan Speech Therapy

Platform: iPhone and iPad (English)

Price: $1.99 Speech with Milo: Interactive Storybook – Doonan Speech Therapy

Category: Reading and Writing Apps


Milo Interactive Story Book: A Better Bedtime Story

Speech With Milo: Interactive Storybook tells a simple story in an entertaining way.  Throughout the picture book, which has full screen vibrant pictures, text, and a recorded voice, there are touchable items on the screen.  These items aren’t labeled, so your child will have to click around to get a reaction.  For example, bees make a buzzing sound, birds chirp and change color, squirrels move their tails, etc.


speech with milo interactive storybook



speech with milo interactive storybook


Interactive Story Book: Don’t Worry About The Settings

There’s nothing really crucial in the settings, but you can check them out just in case there’s something specific to your child that you need to alter.  While reading Speech With Milo: Interactive Storybook, your child needs to click the “Listen” button in the bottom left corner to hear the voice over and your child needs to swipe sideways to go to the next page of the interactive storybook.

This app is super entertaining and the book is a solid length, so your child won’t get through it too quickly.

Download: Speech with Milo: Interactive Storybook – Doonan Speech Therapy

Via:  Poorani Doonan, the developer of this app.  Hi Poorani!


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