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App: Piece Me BIRDS!

Developer: FashionBuddha

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (English)

Price: $.99 Piece me BIRDS! - Fashionbuddha

Category: Music and Art Apps


Piece Me BIRDS Puzzle App Stuffed With Unorthodox Fun!


piece me birds!


Piece Me BIRDS! is unlike some other puzzle apps for children with autism in that it is composed of irregular pieces, much like the previously featured Shape Builder app.  The Piece Me BIRDS! App features six birds for you to put together, including the Hummingbird and Chickadee.


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There are not too many settings to deal with in Piece Me BIRDS!, since it’s a very simple app.  It’s simplicity makes for easy navigation, and makes sure that kids can’t break the app or change a crucial setting.


Piece Me Birds iPad App hummingbird


This cool puzzle app is great for any kids with special needs who enjoy putting things together.  The users will feel a sense of accomplishment when they connect the pieces of the bird and are rewarded with the call of the bird and an animated sequence.  It’s unfortunate that there are only six birds, but perhaps there will be more to come?  We can hope! Regardless, this is a fun iPad app available for only $.99 on iTunes.


Piece Me Birds iPad App  blue jay


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2 Responses to Piece Me BIRDS! Puzzle iPad App

  1. Josh on February 16, 2012 at 4:00 pm
    • Jack Kieffer on February 17, 2012 at 7:43 am

      Josh, That’s awesome! Thanks for the head up … we’ll check it out. — Jack

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