Faces iMake: Creative iPad App for Kids

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App: Faces iMake

Developer: iMagine Machine LLC

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (English)

Price: $4.99 Faces iMake - Right Brain Creativity - iMagine machine LLC

Category: Music and Art Apps


Faces iMake App Has Endless Possibilities

With Faces iMake, the sky is the limit.  The application basically gives kids a blank canvas on which they can make faces, play with items, or make anything they want!  On the bottom of the screen, Faces iMake allows kids to choose objects from the categories of Candy, Music, Toys, Food, Bases, Favorites, and Colors.  The bases will give your child an outline of an animal or human’s face, and they can fill in the space with everyday objects that can be placed so that they form a face!


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Creative iPad App: Draw with Food!

I was trying the application, and had a blast making a face with some gummy worms, a banana, grapes, two dice, and a flute.  Then, when I was tired of making faces, I made a rock band entirely out of red Barrel Monkeys and shrunken down guitars!  This application is absolutely a BLAST!


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Twisting, Sizing, Rotating, Oh My

For many children with autism, the application might be a bit much at first.  I recommend you play around with the interface yourself, and then show them how to use it so that they don’t get frustrated and walk away.

This app even includes a few food drawing lessons, so check those out.

Once your child gets used to the ways that he or she can re-size and rotate objects, they’ll end up having a great time – I guarantee it!


Love the Faces iMake Theme Song!

Also, iMagine Machine LLC has created their own Faces iMake song to go with the application, and it’s super catchy.  I found myself using the application just to hear the song!

While the Faces iMake app has many different options available to you, the interface of this iPad app is extremely simple.  You will find items on the bottom of the screen to choose from, a selection of actions on top, and nothing else.  Just pure freedom to play with hundreds of objects and build faces!


Faces iMake Too Much Sugar


Lite Version of Faces iMake?

There is a lite version, but I recommend splurging on this one – you won’t regret it.


Want to Get This App?


Download FacesiMake:  Faces iMake - Right Brain Creativity - iMagine machine LLC



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One Response to Faces iMake: Creative iPad App for Kids

  1. Eyal Dessou Tzafrir on November 21, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Wow, Thank you for this great review.
    This is part of the reason why it’s such an amazing thing to create apps.
    The benefits it can give to different types of users, the joy and inspiration is staggering.

    Come and join our Facebook.com/facesimake fan page and share your art :-)

    Again, Thank you for this great review
    iMagine machine™

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