iAssist Communicator: Autism AAC App for iPhone and iPod Touch

iAssist Communicator iPhone App

App: iAssist Communicator

Developer: Cyndy Hayes, The iAssist LLC

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (English)

Price: $29.99 iAssist Communicator - Cyndy Hayes, The iAssist LLC

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Autism displays its effects in various ways, and communication is one key problem for those who have the disorder. Depending on the severity of autism, speech may be very limited or non-existent.  Words, previously known, may be forgotten, or words may be repeated over and over.

Thanks to technological advances, children with autism now have new, fun ways to learn language and express themselves.  Several applications have been developed for this use. The iAssist Communicator is one such application that both teachers and parents have found useful in teaching.

iPhone and iPod Touch Compatible: iAssist Communicator

Compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch the iAssist Communicator app uses large photographs rather than drawings and teaches functional language skills. The app was developed by a parent who wanted to create a fun way for their child to learn communication skills.

iAssist Communicator App Features:

  • 240 pre-loaded images and associated audio files.
  • The ability to upload your own images and recorded audio.
  • Template files that allow your child to use images and audio to communicate wants and needs and emotions. You can also edit these files as the child’s developmental needs change.

Who Can Benefit from iAssist Communicator App?

Reviews for this application have been positive. If you’re child has trouble speaking for themselves, this is the type of augmentative and alternative communication (ACC) application you need, because the application will speak for the user. For example, when you go to a category, the application will say the name of the category slowly then show you pictures of items that belong in that category. You can then touch each picture, and the application will say the name of the item.

Although this application does cost $29.99, the amount of provided pre-loaded pictures and audio recordings coupled with the option of uploading and changing the application with your own photos and recordings make it well worth the cost.  And did I mention that 10 percent of the adjusted gross income from this developer is donated to non-profit autism organizations?

It is also great for use in the classroom, as teachers can upload pictures of students and teachers to the application.  This is a great way for children with autism to learn the names of their friends!

Guest Author Bio:  Denise Keene has been a Special Ed teacher for 15 years now and likes to write articles about various related topics. She also owns the site Masters In Special Education.

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  1. Steven Georges on August 14, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    The iAssist Company is pleased to announce that The Communicator has been completely redesigned in 2014 for the iPad, the iPhone and iTouch and is now the first AAC app designed specifically to meet the communication needs of teens and adults with severe cognitive and communication challenges. The App uses photos rather than more abstract drawings. 250 photos come pre-loaded for most common work, school and home situations. Training videos and additional content are on our website.

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