Move Like Me iPhone App Review


App: Move Like Memove like me

Developer: Ten Toed, Inc.

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (English)

Price: $1.99, no lite version Move Like Me - Ten Toed, Inc.

Category: Game Apps


Move Like Me Is A Great Memory Game

I know I haven’t done an app review in a while, I apologize (been busy gearing up API’s fundraiser), but I think you guys are really going to love the Move Like Me application!

Let’s get started!  Launch the game, and three buttons will appear – 1 player, 2 player, and Dance Along.  I will explain these modes in detail later, but first let me give a basic overview of the game.

Move Like Me shows a character completing one of four dance moves, and then allows you to copy this move (or set of moves) by pressing the correct buttons in the correct order.  This game does have negative feedback, but nothing that will get anyone extremely irked.  (It just shows the character starting to clap and then puts you back at “zero moves completed” again – no big deal.)  Move Like Me is great for children all over the spectrum, since it can become extremely difficult — if you play single player mode and go for a long time; but can also be very easy — entailing the recall of one or two consecutive button pushes.


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Move Like Me Has Several Playable Characters

In Move Like Me, kids can play as a Dog, Panda, Pig, or Cat.  The dance moves that the characters perform are hop, clap, march, and sway.  (Each has its own unique sound effect, color, and motion.)

One Player Mode

In single player mode, the CPU will move, and the button will light up on the bottom.  Then, your child will need to press the same button that the computer just pressed.

Next, the A.I. character will perform the first move, but add a second move onto the sequence.  Now, your child will have to press the first two buttons in the correct order to keep progressing.  This is the gist of the main mode, though there are two others that I will discuss.

Two Player Mode

2-player mode is similar to single player mode, except the two players each add moves to the sequence.  For example, if I were to choose “hop,” and the second player were to choose “clap,” on my turn, I would have to push both hop and clap to add another dance to the sequence.

Dance Along Mode

Dance Along mode allows the user to pre-select up to six dance moves for the CPU to perform.  Then, the child can set down the iPhone and start grooving along with the characters!  (I don’t know how much kids will want to use this feature of the iPhone app, but it’s available.)

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