Preschool Connect The Dots Game App Review

iPad App Preschool Connect the Dots

App: Preschool Connect The Dots Game

Developer: Darren Murtha Design

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android (English)

Price: $.99 Download Preschool Connect the Dots Game   or   Download Android App

Category: Reading and Writing Apps



Simple Interface From The Creators Of Shape Builder

I simply love Preschool Connect The Dots Game – despite its long-winded and odd name, this application is a winner for anyone with a loved one on the spectrum.  Darren Murtha, is the same developer who gave use Shape Builder, another one of my favorite apps for children with autism.  This app has received a number of accolades, as noted on iTunes:

… picked as both an Apple Staff Favorite and an iTunes App Store Essential for Toddlers. Winner of a 2009 Editor’s Choice Award from the Children’s Technology Review!


preschool connect the dots app autism

What Does This Preschool App Offer?

The Preschool Connect the Dots app is made for the iPhone, costs $.99, and has over 200 connect the dot puzzles!  Not only is this app a ton of fun because it shows a picture of the object you’ve created, it also plays the sound that the object makes.  In addition, it says the object name aloud, and it teaches kids numbers and ABC’s.

The object of the app is to connect the dots in order (1, then 2, then 3, etc.), and there is no negative feedback!  In fact, the application even helps kids find the next dot if they’re confused by lighting it up on the screen.  Keep in mind that it may be challenging for some children, since many of the numbers go up to 30 and the alphabet is through the letter Z, but it is definitely worth the reward that they get.


Preschool Connect The Dots App Game for iPhone


Preschool Connect the Dots App Has So Many Puzzles!

Like I said earlier, the Preschool Connect The Dots Game has over 200 puzzles in it!  These include transportation objects, musical instruments, animals, food, and everyday things.  The application also counts as you highlight the numbers or letters and draw your creation, so it further reinforces these fundamental concepts.  There are a ton of settings you can mess with when the first screen comes up after launching the app, but you probably won’t need to change any of those – I found it it best to leave all of them on the default setting.


I Wish There Was An iPad Version – But There Is A Solution

Since it may be difficult for some kids to trace the dots on a small screen (i.e., the iPhone), you’ll probably want to download the app onto an iPad and click the 2X button that shows up in the bottom corner of the application.  It might look a little bit blurry, but it will work much better for a kid with autism than watching him try to do it on such a small screen.  But, if his or her fingers are extremely adept – go for it on the iPhone!


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Want to Get This App?

Download from iTunes: Download Preschool Connect the Dots Game   or     Download Android App


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