Time Timer App Helps Autistic Children Visualize Time


App: Time Timertime timer ipod touch app

Developer: Time Timer LLC

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (English, Japanese)

Price: iPhone App – $2.99 Time Timer - Time Timer LLC

Price:  iPad App – $4.99 Time Timer: iPad Edition - Time Timer LLC

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Time Timer Clock Becomes An iPhone / iPod Touch App

Many parents of children with autism have used the original Time Timer Clock to hep kids visualize time – the clock is covered in red, and the red decreases as time passes, so the kids know how long five minutes is compared to how long an hour is.  Sometimes it is difficult for children with autism to fully understand the concept of time – this application helps them to do just that.


3" Time Timer Clock


(If you’d like to check out the real clock, hop on over to Amazon.)



Time Timer App for iDevices is Joyfully Simplistic

Is it easy to use?  Well, once the app is open, you just need to click the “set” button to set a time, and the red coverage will decrease over the clock as the minutes tick away.  The timer will go off once the time runs out.

It’s a pretty simple application, but can help keep kids stay structured in their routine.  It also helps them prepare for an activity shift during camps, play dates, and such.

Timer Modes


Time Timer App Circle View Mode


You can also turn the app to Circle Mode, where there are no time markings at all.  Instead, time is based on the shape of a circle which shrinks to represent the passing of time.

Time Timer App for iPad

The Time Timer App is also available for iPad.  The large view of the clock is great!  The only con to the iPad version is that it doesn’t automatically keep the iPad in awake mode.


Time Timer App for iPad Helpful to Kids with Autism


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