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App: Kumon Uppercase ABC’s: Learn To Trace Letters

Developer: Kumon Publishing North America, Inc.

Platform: iPad Only (English)

Price: $3.99   Kumon Uppercase ABC's - Learn to Trace Letters - Kumon Publishing North America, Inc

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Learn to Write Uppercase ABC’s the Kumon Way

I have to preface this review with a quick note to parents: the Kumon Uppercase ABC’s App is probably more useful for kids with less severe autism, as this application was not specifically designed for kids with special needs.

For example, the Kumon Uppercase ABC’s app not only wants kids to trace the letter that they are presented with, but wants them to do so in a specific order.  Depending on your child’s skill level, this may or may not be easy for them.

To write the letter A, you need to draw the left side of the A, then draw the right side of the A, then draw the line across.  If you don’t draw the strokes in this order, the application counts it as incorrect and tells you to try again.  Kumon does try to give the kids direction by providing a “circle” symbol as the starting point and directing them toward the “star” symbol at the end of each stroke.

In addition, the “whooshing” sound made when the child draws each stroke is a nice touch!


kumon uppercase abc writing autism


Kumon’s iPad App Helps Kids Learn to Write ABC’s

When you open the app, there are two different items available to tap on that are important – the A, and the picture of the Ear.  The A brings you to the writing portion of the app which I discussed above.  In this part of the app, Kumon Uppercase ABC’s shows you the correct way to trace the letter, and then asks you to do it yourself.


Kumon ABC Letter Writing iPad Application


Kumon App’s Sound Matching Option is Great

There is also a “listening” portion of the app that I find great for all levels of the spectrum.

Tap the “Ear” image to enter the hearing portion of this app.  The iPad will say, “Tell me which letter makes the sound …” and then makes the sound of a letter.  The app then presents the user with three different choices, and the child has to tap the correct letter.  This is a wonderfully simple and effective way for your child to practice matching letters with the sounds they make.


Kumon Writing App Provides Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is given to your child when they complete a letter correctly.  The app will display a picture that begins with the just completed letter.  For example, after the child writes the letter “D” the app will display a fun picture of a dog.


Kumon Letter Tracing iPad App


Once your child finishes successfully writing all the letters, the app awards them with a Certificate of Achievement – complete with their name!  Parents may print or email this award.


Oops … Try Again

Kumon Uppercase ABC’s app also lets your child know if he or she is writing the letter incorrectly, and promptly encourages them to try again.  I didn’t find the negative feedback to be too discouraging for kids on the spectrum.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this app for higher functioning kids who want to learn their letters!


 Want to Get This App?


Download Kumon Uppercase ABC’s:   Kumon Uppercase ABC's - Learn to Trace Letters - Kumon Publishing North America, Inc


Further Reading:  If you’re looking for more of a free writing app that basically just gives the outline of the letter and lets the kids do whatever they want to it, then you can check out some other writing apps that we have showcased on Autism Plugged In, such as LetterTracer by Niftybrick Software (compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch).

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