Top 7 Visual Schedule and Social Story Apps For Autistic Children

This is another one of Autism Plugged In’s list posts!  We’ll give you a quick overview of each app, and either link to iTunes or to one of our own posts so you can get more in depth with the application.  These are the Top 7 Visual Schedule and Social Story Apps for autistic children that we have been able to find online.  Some are for the iPhone, some are for the iPad, and all of them are great for kids on the spectrum!


Time Timer Application

visual schedule apps autistic kids


The Time Timer app is one that we have already done an extensive review on here at Autism Plugged In, so if you’re interested in learning more after this quick overview, click on the the link!

The Time Timer application helps kids who are on the spectrum to visualize time.  They may know that they have 5 minutes until the next activity, but many people would agree that they don’t quite grasp how long a quantity of time is – they can’t easily wrap their mind around this abstract concept.  This app makes it simple to see how much time is left in an activity by representing the time with a color, and the color decreases steadily as time goes on.  This app is $1.99. Download Time Timer: iPad Edition – Time Timer LLC

Languages: English, Japanese


First Then Visual Schedule

first then visual schedule


First Then Visual Schedule is also an app that we have taken a look at before on Autism Plugged In, so click on its name to see a more in depth review.

This $10 app for the iPhone or iPod touch allows you to create simple schedules that help kids visualize what they will be doing and how their day is going to go.  Children on the spectrum often become irritated when their schedule is not know to them, and this app gives them a way to know what lies ahead. Download FTVS HD – First Then Visual Schedule HD

Languages: English


Visual Schedule Planner

visual schedule planner


The Visual Schedule Planner is new to us here at Autism Plugged In, so we haven’t completed a review yet – the link goes to the iTunes description.  If you would care for an in depth look at this app, or any other app on the list that doesn’t have a link to a review, just leave a comment and we’ll do a review as soon as we can!  In the meantime, here’s some info from its developer – Good Karma Applications:

Visual Schedule Planner is completely customizable Audio-Visual Schedule/ Calendar  specifically designed for individuals with who may benefit from the use of visual supports to ease transitions, anxiety or for those who may need a way to visually represent the “events” in their day.  This is especially true for people with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, aquired brain injuries, learning challenges, auditory proccessing disorders and developmental delays.

This app is ONLY for the iPad, so you’ll need to have one of those for this to work.  Unlike some of the other apps here, the Visual Schedule Planner is kind of expensive: $15.  But, with a price tag comes more extensive, well thought out features.  The depth of customization for this app is much greater than that of its less expensive counter part, the First Then Visual Schedule app shown above.  With a complete scheduling system, the app also includes visual timers and allows you to upload images and videos showing the action, and is in general a very complex to set up but very helpful and easy to use application. Download Visual Schedule Planner

Language: English


iPrompts – Visual Support

iPrompts app


The iPrompts app made it onto this list partly because it’s one of the top research-based apps providing visual support for kids with autism.  This application is highly rated and in depth.  The potential drawback is that it costs $49.99.  This means that you’re going to want to take a close look at it to make sure it fits your child’s needs before you buy it.

Why not watch a video of this app in action?

Who is this app meant for?  According to the Developer, here’s the scoop:

Used by thousands around the world, iPrompts® has been acclaimed on television, and is featured in the Autism Speaks Technology Guide. Caregivers use the app to rapidly create and present visual supports, helping individuals transition from one activity to the next, understand upcoming events, make choices, focus on the task at hand, and learn social skills. An image Library including several hundred starter images can be easily expanded “on the fly” using the device’s camera or through built-in Web searches.

Some pluses are it’s comprehensive features including:  Visual Schedules, Visual Countdown Timer, Choice Prompts, Email and Print Options, Audio Narration, Video Prompts (30 video modeling clips), and a starter Image Library.

Overall?  It’s a great application for those who can afford it! Download iPrompts® – Visual Supports, Schedules and Picture Prompts for Autism and Special Education


Stories 2 Learn



Stories 2 Learn is not a visual schedule app like the others we’ve seen, it falls under the category of social stories.  This application will give a situation, and then show you the “correct” response.  For example, if a girl waves at you, you are supposed to wave back – this is what is considered socially acceptable.

The App’s developer, MDR, explains it like this:

For example, if an individual is learning a new concept such as turn taking, making improved eye contact, sharing, or other social messages, these concepts can be quickly depicted in a story created within minutes!

Download Stories2Learn

Language: English





QuickCues is a social stories app aimed more towards adults on the spectrum than children.  For example: the screenshot shown on the iTunes page tells one how to answer the phone, and gives tips on how to sound happy and glad to talk to them.  It says to smile before you answer to relax yourself, and to identify who you are before you just start talking to someone.

The Communication module is included in the QuickCues App.  Four additional modules can be purchased in-app for $4.99 each.  These modules include:  Life Skills, Socialization, Coping, and On the Job. Download QuickCues – Fraser

Language: English


Model Me Going Places 2

model me kids 2


Model Me Going Places 2 is another great social story app that we’ve already reviewed here on Autism Plugged In (click the link to see a full review).  Model Me Going Places 2 is an electronic storybook that runs kids through different common scenarios (getting a haircut, going to the doctor, etc.) and is only FREE!  FREE FREE FREE!  “FREE” is the word of the day, folks.  Enjoy!

Language: English

Download FREE – Model Me Going Places 2 – Model Me Kids, LLC

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11 Responses to Top 7 Visual Schedule and Social Story Apps For Autistic Children

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  2. Robert on February 23, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    Try U-Sync Video Scheduler! It’s the only visual scheduler for autism that you control via the Internet in real time!

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  4. sara on October 13, 2012 at 9:45 am

    awesome apps they work great for ABA therapy 😀

  5. Phill on October 18, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    Social stories work great with my child and he loves Touch Autism’s apps. I’m surprised to not see them on this list. Here are a few that have worked really well with him:

    Calm Counter – Social Story and Anger Management Tool

    Staying Safe and Safer Strangers Social Story

    Joke Telling Social Story and Speech Tool on How to Tell Jokes

    • Jack Kieffer on October 20, 2012 at 7:42 am

      Phill, Those look like some great apps! We are adding them to our “Wish List” of apps to review in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion! — Jack

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  9. Sharon Anderson on March 24, 2015 at 5:54 pm

    Please review the Video Scheduler Planner app.

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