Video Scheduler Application: Review And User Tutorial

App: Video Scheduler

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Platform: iPhone and iPad (English)

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Video Scheduler Is Awesome – Let’s Walk Thru It

The Video Scheduler is one of the best visual schedule applications that I’ve seen ever – and I’ve seen a ton.  This app is one of the first to really take advantage of the technology available to us, provided by devices like the iPhone and the iPad.

Instead of just giving kids names and photos of tasks, this in-depth application allows you to create users, schedules, and add videos with a system that has password input options to keep your kids from not actually completing the task they were assigned.  This post is not to convince you of the awesomeness of this app – it is to help you set up and use it.


video scheduler

Setting Up Video Scheduler App:  Step One

There are several steps that I am going to walk you through to set up your new Video Scheduler application.  First, open the application.

Next, click on either Edit Scheduler or Create Scheduler.

Now, tap on the button in the top right corner of the screen, which either says “Edit” or “Add User,” depending on which one you tapped.

Then, enter the information that is required of you.

Now, go back to the home page of the app and proceed to step 2.


video scheduler


Video Scheduler App Setup: Step Two

Click on the Create Schedule tab on the home screen of the app.  Then, click the user that you created in step one, and click on Add Schedule.  Once you have created the schedule, it will show up on the screen.  Tap on your newly created schedule.

The first step to creating an effective schedule is adding steps by clicking the Add Task button.  Put in the information required, and add a photo or video as you see fit.

Make sure to break the activity up into several tasks – don’t put too much information into one task and overwhelm your child.

Now, after you have created the tasks for your schedule, proceed to step three to learn how to use the Video Scheduler application.

Step Three: Using Video Scheduler

Now that you’ve created your first schedule, you’re going to want to know how to use it.  Let’s say you wanted your child to complete a task at this very moment.

From the home page, here is what you do: tap the View Schedule Button, then the User, then the Schedule, then the first Task.  Once you have clicked on the first Task, you are ready to give your child the application – they can’t do anything without you putting in the default admin password, “1234.”  (This can be changed in the settings.)

When they have completed a task, they click on the image or video and hit DONE.  Then, you put in the password, select the next Task in the schedule, and give the phone back to them.

When they have completed ALL OF THE TASKS, you MUST RESET THE SCHEDULE.  THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP.  To do this, you need to click on the lock at the top right of the screen and type in your password.  (Again, 1234.)  Then, go to the home page and click Edit Schedule, then the schedule that your child just completed, and then hit RESET.  This will set all of the tasks to unfinished so that you can reuse the schedule at a later time.

Enjoy this awesome scheduler app!

If you like this app, you may also be interested in the Stories 2 Learn App by the same group of developers.

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3 Responses to Video Scheduler Application: Review And User Tutorial

  1. Robert on February 23, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    Try U-Sync Video Scheduler! It’s the new visual scheduling app for kids with autism that you control from the Internet! Very cool… And made by BGSU!

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