Choiceworks Social Behavior and Scheduling App

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Developer: Bee Visual, LLC

Platform: iPhone and iPad (English)

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Choiceworks Is Much More Than Just A Visual Schedule

Choiceworks by Bee Visual is a great app because it gives you more than one tool in a single application.  Usually, you’ll need to buy an app for different things, but Choiceworks combines the typical visual schedule app with a behavioral app that helps kids to make the right choices throughout their day.

Three different boards are available to you when first open the app – Schedule, Waiting, and Feelings.  The Schedule app is connects you to the visual schedule section, the Waiting tab opens the timer section, and the Feelings tab opens up the convenient flow charts that help kids with autism deal with their emotions.


Choiceworks Schedule Board


choiceworks autism app


The “Schedule” portion of the app is probably the one that you’ll use most – you can use the 165 pre-loaded images and audio bytes to create your own board schedules for the user.  You also have the ability to upload your own photos and audio.


choiceworks image editor


What I love about the Choiceworks visual schedule is that it incentivizes kids to do what they’re supposed to by allowing you to show them what they can do after they finish the list of tasks.

For example, you can create a schedule that helps kids get ready for bed.  At the bottom of the board, tell them that when they are finished they can either read a book or listen to music.


Choiceworks Waiting Board



The Timer or Waiting section of Choiceworks is great to use when kids get time out of an activity.  If they misbehave and get two minutes out of swimming as their punishment, you can set the timer for two minutes and then let them return to swimming when the time runs out.

The timer is also good for situations where your child is not necessarily in trouble, but is just waiting to do something.  As they are waiting, the time runs down, and below the counter, users are told what they are allowed to do while they wait.  This could become a great tool for you and your child!


Choiceworks Feelings Board



The Feelings section of Choiceworks is great for kids who have trouble dealing with strong emotions.  When they’re experiencing one of these moments, the app will give them two things they can do to help calm down.  In addition, the app then gives options as to what they are allowed to do after they get themselves emotionally under control.  Visualizing these activities often helps kids calm down much more quickly than they would otherwise.


Choiceworks Based on Award Winning System


As heralded on iTunes:

Based on the multi-award winning Choiceworks Visual Support System (, this app is designed for caregivers to provide clear and consistent support to foster a child’s independence, positive behavior, and emotional regulation at home and in the community. It can also be customized for teachers in a school setting. It was created with the support of leading hospitals and child development specialists.


Want to Get This App?


Download Choiceworks:    Choiceworks - Bee Visual, LLC


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  1. […] Choiceworks Social Behavior and Scheduling App […]

  2. Shari on November 6, 2014 at 8:23 am

    Is there a way to make the images larger on the schedule portion for younger students to help them begin to use ipad as a device for communication?

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