Animal Sounds App for iPad: Kids Will Love It


App: LH Animal Soundslh animal sounds app for autistic kids

Developer: Synthcomm sp. z o.o.

Platform: iPod, iPhone, iPad (English, Polish)

Price: $1.99 LH Animal Sounds - Synthcomm sp. z o.o.

Category: Game Apps


Fun Animal Sounds and Pictures

The LH Animal Sounds application for children with autism is yet another great way to make sure that your kids know the sounds of all the animals!

animal sounds iPad app

When I first started using the application from Learning Heroes, I immediately fell in love with the illustrations and the (somewhat monotonous) banjo music that plays in the background of the app.

I was also struck by the simplicity – the entire thing consists of a spinning wheel which allows you to choose an animal and illustrated pictures of all of the animals.  When you tap on an animal, someone says “The ‘rooster’ goes” and then makes the animal sound.  There are 44 characters in all.


lh animal sounds


The first time I realized that the animal sounds were not authentic sounds, but instead sounds that the person who recorded the application was making, I was disappointed.  But, then I realized that this was not a downside, but an upside to the app.

Because a person is making these sounds, your child will be easily able to imitate them and can show others (friends, family, teachers, etc.) and that they can make all of the sounds of the animals!

My favorite is the amusing sound that geckos apparently make, although I thought them to be mute animals.  Who knew!

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3 Responses to Animal Sounds App for iPad: Kids Will Love It

  1. tracy collins on April 7, 2012 at 12:18 am

    kool man !

    • Jack Kieffer on April 7, 2012 at 3:15 pm

      Thanks! Love your spelling of cool :)

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