8 Free iPad Games For Math Skill Development In Children With Autism

These 8 Free iPad games for math skill development in children with autism are wonderful for kids who are beginning to learn basic mathematics.  I know that the abilities of children on the spectrum vary, so it’s important that you read the description that I give you of each app, visit the iTunes description, and then decide whether or not the app works for your child.

And, remember, all of these apps are free iPad apps, but some of them are just lite versions.  If you love the lite version, then you can go ahead and buy the full application!


Math Drills Lite


free ipad games for math autism


Math Drills Lite is a very simple app that presents you with a math problem involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.  Along with the basic equation, the app also provides some kind of visual representation.  (For example, for 8-4 = ? , the app might give a picture of eight blocks with four of them crossed out.)  Your child needs to pick the correct answer to move on to the next question.  There are also questions like 2 ? 3 = 6 , and the user would need to tap the multiplication sign. (English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish)

Download Math Drills Lite – Instant Interactive


Math Tappers: Find Sums


free ipad games for math autism


Math Tappers: Find Sums is a great app that focuses on helping kids learn basic addition and subtraction not through numbers, but through counting objects.

Lets say you wanted to make the number eight, and a picture of five apples came up on the screen.  You would need to select “3” in order to get the correct answer — to have eight apples!  This is a simple game that can really help build a strong foundation in basic math. (English)

Download MathTappers: Find Sums


Multiplication Genius Lite


free ipad game for math autism


Multiplication Genius Lite is an application suitable for autistic children who are a bit higher functioning, as its aim is to teach the multiplication tables up to 12×12.  For some children, this will be extremely difficult, and others will have no problem memorizing numbers.

You know your child – make sure that this will not frustrate them – if you think it will, just start off with a very basic addition and subtraction app to get them accustomed to numbers.  (English)

Download Multiplication Genius Lite


Multiplication Genius x19 Free


free ipad games for math autism


Parents, unless you are a guardian of a child on the spectrum who has been gifted with math skills, I would shy away from this application because this app goes up to 19×19 on the multiplication table.  This is basically a more difficult version of the application I talked about above.  (Note that you can also set the app to only go up to 9×9 or 12×12, so if you would like to do that, this is may be an o.k. choice.)  English, Korean

Download Multiplication Genius x19 Free


Mathmateer – Free


free ipad game for math autism


Mathmateer is my favorite math app on this list, and here’s why: it’s comprehensive, it’s easy, and it’s free.  This free iPad game for math skill development lets kids have fun by building their own rocket ships while teaching them multiplication and addition.  The app also helps kids learn shapes and even has money-counting and even-number identifying sections!

This app also has a 99 cent version, which has lots more “math missions” on it.  I didn’t get a chance to use it, but if the free version is any indication, it’s probably worth the 99 cents!  (English)

Download Mathmateer Free Version (limited features)

$.99 Version of Mathmateer™ – Dan Russell-Pinson


Candy Count – Learn Colors & Numbers


free ipad games for math autism


Candy Count is a great math app for children on the spectrum, because it takes a more conceptual approach to mathematics.  Not only do kids learn how to count up to twelve, the app also helps kids compare quantities, sort colors, and arrange numbers in increasing order!  Awesome app!  (English, Chinese, Spanish)

Download Candy Count – Learn Colors & Numbers


Splash Math Worksheets


free ipad games for math autistic kids


Splash Math Worksheets is a great series of apps, available for Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4.  These apps are similar to the Rocket Math app in that they cover many different aspects of math.  The app includes questions about time, money, comparisons, and more!  Numbers go up to twenty, but everything is addition and subtraction.  (English)

Download 1st Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets App for Numbers, Counting, Addition, Subtraction and others [HD Free] – StudyPad, Inc.


Math Puppy Bingo Challenge


free ipad game for math autism


Math Puppy Bingo Challenge is another great simple math app for children on the spectrum!  This game incorporates math and bingo into a fun experience where kids can choose their own dog avatar and select which type of math they would like to work on!  Math Puppy Bingo Challenge has received lots of five star reviews, and is sure to be a hit with your kid!  (English)

Download Math Puppy – Bingo Challenge Educational Game for Kids HD


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7 Responses to 8 Free iPad Games For Math Skill Development In Children With Autism

  1. Tim Pelton on May 22, 2012 at 2:33 am

    Thanks for the shout out on MathTappers: Findsums. You might check out our other apps – we currently have 7 on iTunes – and they are all free – with no ads or upsells.

    • Jack Kieffer on May 22, 2012 at 5:59 am

      You’re welcome … thanks for providing great apps!

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  4. veronica Delgado on March 11, 2014 at 12:46 am

    I am a single mother who raised two daughters one is 20 my other girl is 14 my girls are fine. My son he is 7 years old who was diagnosed at 4yrs old with autism we all love my son he is high functioning boy he loves xbox video games and ds video games but he needs help in math he is 7 yrs old in 2nd grade special ed. I need to know if your apps wiil help him he loves colors and loves spongebob and Patrick and apples I did fash cards not help him or me I can afford your apps but help me pick right one for me to help him learn I help him do school work all time teachers don’t really help. thanks for your attn. 2095949270 I would lke buy apps can I put on his tablet for his homework?

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