Chore Pad HD Encourages Kids To Do Their Chores

ChorePadHDLogo-150x150App: Chore Pad HD by Nannek

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch & Web Version

Price: Chore Pad – $2.99

Chore Pad HD – $4.99

Chore Pad Web – $1.99/mo.

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Chore Pad HD by Nannek accomplishes the (almost) impossible: getting kids to do their chores.

Featuring a unique customizable system that awards users for completing tasks set by an admin and an easy-to-use interface, this app is ideal for any teacher or parent who wants a way to reward their kids.


Chore App


Essentially, Chore Pad HD awards kids with stars whenever they complete their chores (the chores and number of stars they earn can be set by the admin).

Additionally, a “star modifier” can be applied to add or subtract the number of stars rewarded, based on if the admin thinks the user did an exceptional or less-than-fine job doing the chore.


chore pad trophies


These stars act as a sort of currency, and can be used to “purchase” prizes from the store.  Again, the prizes and cost of the prizes can be set by the admin.


All-In-One Scheduling and Tracking App


chore pad HD


Chore Pad HD is an all-in-one app, as it comes with a user setup system, calendar scheduling, a rewards shop, passcode protection, and a chore creation system.

This system allows you to create a “chore bank” and assign these chores to certain users.  This creation process starts by naming a chore. Once this is done, an icon can be assigned to the chore, along with the star value and frequency of the chore. Note that this information can always be edited later.


chore pad list


Chore Pad HD Highlights

I really was impressed by how simple this app is to use. It took me about 5 minutes to set up from scratch. I also liked that most every aspect of the app is customizable.  Chore Pad HD lets you can create your own prizes, assign pictures to users, add themes to users, and, of course, design your own chores.


chore pad easy to read


I also appreciated how user-friendly it is. This app gives very simple and useful instructions.  The developer definitely does not over-complicate it.

The colorful, felt-like animations also add to the kid-feel of the app.

I would highly recommend it to any adult who is looking for a cool way to motivate their kids to do their chores.


Want to Get This App?


Download Chore Pad or Chore Pad HD from iTunes:

Chore Pad – $2.99

Chore Pad HD – $4.99


Get Access to Chore Pad’s Web Version Here:

Chore Pad Web – $1.99/mo.


This is a guest post written by Matthew – thanks!


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