Conversation Builder App Helps Kids Build Social Skills

social skills app conversation builder

App: ConversationBuilder

Developer: Mobile Education Store

Platform: iPhone and iPad (English)

Price: $7.99 iPhone ConversationBuilder™ for iPhone – Mobile Education Store LLC

Price: $19.99 iPad ConversationBuilder™ – Mobile Education Store LLC

Category: Behavioral And Social Story Apps



ConversationBuilder by Mobile Education Store is a good app for kids who struggle with starting and keeping conversations because it helps them learn what and what not to say to others. The visual format and recordable conversations let kids really keep in their minds what they learned.


conversation builder app autism


When the user first opens Conversation Builder,  the settings page appears. The user must create a profile to play, which is easy to set up. There are three choices: type of play – number of exchanges (1 on 1-4, 1 on 1-8, group – 4, group – 8), conversation initiator (student, peer, alternate), and available conversation modules. The first module, standard conversation, is free and has forty conversations. The user picks one of the above three choices and then presses the Play button (I chose the student option).


conversation builder app autism


Social Skills Building By Example

The narrator guides children through starting a conversation.  For example, if you press a statement that says “I live in this city,” the narrator will say “That’s an uncommon way to start a conversation; try asking a question.”

In another example, the student is given a visual and then asked how they would start the conversation. Both of these things are great for kids with special needs because it is fairly easy to use, guides them through conversations and what is appropriate to say, and includes visuals for those like me who need to see illustrations to reinforce learning.

The app gently corrects them when they say something “uncommon” and tells them what they should say instead, then congratulates them when they say the correct choice.

Also, users can record conversations to play and study later.  Talk about engaging!


conversation builder autism app


ConversationBuilder’s only drawbacks are the limited number of free conversation modules and the louder sound (which can’t be turned down in app) that would be a potential headache for sound sensitive people like me.  Otherwise, the app is definitely worth getting so your child can build good conversational skills and have fun while doing it!


This awesome review was written by Mahina, a 19-year-old college student with autism who enjoys reading, food, and music. She is also a huge technology geek who blogs at from aloha to arizona.


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Want to Get This App?

Download at ConversationBuilder™ – Mobile Education Store LLC


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