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App: BrainPop Featured Movie

Developer: BrainPop

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android (English)

Price: Free   Download BrainPOP Featured Movie®

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BrainPop Featured Movie is free educational app that’s fun for kids.  This app helps children learn difficult concepts in a fun way using animated cartoons.  BrainPop Featured Movie allows children to watch different animated movies every day and then take interactive quizzes to test their memory and comprehension.

Free Educational App

The basic version of this app is FREE, and the full version of app is available to paying subscribers (in-app purchase – $6.99/mo.) and allows the users to browse and purchase more than 750 movies.  An “Explorer” option ($1.99 per month – in-app purchase) allows you to watch four additional movies related to the featured films.



What Can Your Child Learn?

BrainPop movies include seven main subjects:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Science
  3. Social Studies
  4. English
  5. Engineering & Tech
  6. Music & Arts
  7. Health

Each of these topics is covered in a way that delivers the main concept in a simple and easy way.

Who Are The Main Characters?

The Brainpop movies are interesting and funny which catch the attention of kids and thus enables them to learn and remember what they saw and heard.  These movies introduce two leading characters Tim, a smart teenage boy & Moby, his jolly beeping robot.  The movies are adventurous and informative which not only teaches the children but also offers them enjoyment.



‘BrainPop Featured Movie’ app has a slogan, “The more you know, the more you know!”, because it’s very informative for kids and the quizzes offer great challenges!



Easy To Use Menus

The app is quite easy to use.  The Main Menu gives the option to launch with Moby presenting the movie.  It’s optional to either watch the movie or go directly for the quiz, in case someone wants to test himself before and after watching the movie.





Interactive Quiz Levels

The app has varying levels of difficulty for children of different ages or special needs, which enables them to solve the quizzes according to their abilities.  The quizzes contain MCQs, each with four options. Every correct answer chosen awards the child with a point.  So, the more correct answers the better the score!  The score is displayed in percentage form, with ratio of correct answers to total questions.  The scoreboard provides a challenge for children to do better than before and it goes just like a game, challenging you to break your own records.



BrainPOP Is Great For iPad

Although available for all iOS devices, BrainPop Featured Movie is most entertaining on the iPad’s large & bright touchscreen.  Due to its colorful and funny short-animated videos, it is very good at keeping children busy with all their attention focused on the movie.  BrainPop enables the students to educate themselves in an enjoyable and engaging way.  It can also be used by school teachers to educate young children with the help of featured movies, which will add interest to their studies as well as enhance their knowledge.



In conclusion, BrainPop Featured Movie app is a very useful and interesting app which is not only interpretative but also enthralling for children.

This review was written for Autism Plugged In by a guest author, Kharram, who has a background in software engineering and enjoys working as a freelance writer.  He has lots of interest in iPhone / iPad / Android / Windows apps and loves to review them.  Thanks Kharram!

Want to Get This App?

Download from iTunes:  Download BrainPOP Featured Movie®    or    Download Android App


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  1. marytha wu on April 14, 2013 at 12:57 am

    Happy to know there is a free app that I can use for teaching.

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