Abilipad: Powerful Writing Tool for the iPad

App: Abilipad

Developer: Cheryl Bregman

Platform: iPad (English, Spanish, French, German)

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Abilipad Creates A New Kind of Notepad

Abilipad is a multifunctional app designed to assist educators and students with a variety of writing and communication needs.  The unique design of Abilipad makes it a great tool for creating lesson plans, taking notes, assisting with communication needs, and so much more.  This app has immense potential for a range of uses and functions.



At first glance Abilipad may seem like a fancy notepad app that allows you to type and take notes.  Yet, the features of this app go beyond the functionality of a simple text editor.  Abilipad gives you the ability to create custom keyboards and notepads that can be used for various purposes.  While it is helpful in academic planning and administration, it can also be used much like an augmentative and alternative communication app or device.



Embedded in the app is text-to-speech functionality which allows you to hear the words as they are typed.  This is beneficial for individuals with speech, language, and communication impairments or delays.  Users can type words, phrases, or complete sentences to communicate needs or other information.  The app also comes with a word prediction feature, which saves the user time and energy when typing longer phrases or sentences.

An Invaluable Tool for Educators

As a homeschooling mom, this app has become invaluable for helping me with curriculum design and implementation.  Every since we purchased the iPad I have been searching for an app that would allow me to create my own vocabulary lessons.  I have found some great apps for making custom spelling lists and some awesome flashcard apps.  However, I hadn’t found an app with the dual capability of allowing me to match a customized spelling list with applicable photos and to assign them to separate folders until I started using Abilipad.

This app has breathed new life in designing and completing vocabulary lessons in our homeschool.  The app allows me to create custom keyboards with photos and accompanying words.  It also gives me the option of designing a word based keyboard and then using it with a photo based notepad.  The first design choice gives the children a chance to review vocabulary lessons on their own and the second choice gives me the opportunity to evaluate their understanding of the vocabulary lessons.



The vocabulary building capability alone sold me on the app, but it also has a variety of other clever features.  Abilipad can be used to create matching and sorting lessons and games. At the same time it can be used for speech development because if makes use of expressive and receptive language patterning.  Additionally, the app is useful for teaching communication and life skills such as making requests or relaying messages.  With a little imagination educators will find many more creative uses for this app.



Abilipad Features and Support

While the app comes with four standard keyboards, users can customize or download other keyboards.  Users can change the colors and fonts of the keyboard as well as edit the text size and record audio feedback.  The Abilipad comes with a built-in photo library however the app also interfaces with the iPad photo library for an even wider image selection.  Users are able to choose from a number of different voices to hear text being spoken and are able to email, print or copy notepads.



The support for this app is truly remarkable.  Easy to read and use instructions are available within the app itself and there are detailed instructional videos on the developer’s website.  Users can also share and download unique keyboards through the Abilipad library.  There is already a healthy database of shared apps, yet I am sure that the list will only grow as more users learn about this impressive app.

Thumbs up to the designers of Abilipad for making such a versatile and dynamic app!

This post was written by guest author Teri T., a homeschool mom of two kids on the spectrum, and daily iPad user.  Show your appreciation by sharing her review on Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you, Teri!


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