IWriteWords: A Must-Have App for Fine Motor Delays

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App: iWriteWords

Developer: gdiplus

Platform:  iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (English, French, Italian)

Price: $2.99   iWriteWords (Handwriting Game) - gdiplus

Category: Writing Apps


iWriteWords is a powerful and fully customizable app designed to address fine motor deficiencies, especially those seen in autistic children.

From the main screen of the app, users have the option to choose from six options (see image below) labeled with symbols, letters or numbers.



Music Mode

The Music mode is a great place to start. Musically inclined students might enjoy interacting with and hearing the alphabet song. Each note is activated by touch, providing opportunities for students to see cause-and-effect in action.

Numbers Mode

In the numbers mode, students can work on writing numbers ranging from 1 to 20. This app features a Number Navigation setting as well as other features that can be customized from the Settings App on the Home Screen.

Navigation Feature

Turning navigation on allows students to choose which numbers they want to practice tracing.  It also allows students to choose when to advance to another number, thereby providing the most practice for each number.

The Auto Advance feature also provides the navigation buttons for choosing which numbers to practice but automatically presents students with the next number for motivation.

When navigation is turned off, students cannot choose which numbers to practice.  Instead, they are presented with numbers from 1 to 20 in the proper order. This mode provides the most structure and should be used to help students become familiar with the app.



Choose Upper or Lower Case

The other four modes focus on writing letters and words in upper or lower case letters. The Upper Case word mode can be turned off as can specific letters. These modes also have a navigation option as well but this should be turned off when students first begin using the app.



Letter Mode

In the letter mode, students are presented with one letter at a time and are asked to trace the letter in parts by following numbered steps. Only after successfully tracing one part of the letter are they able to continue on to the next steps. In the screenshot below, the navigation mode is turned on, as indicated by the forward and backward arrows at the bottom of the screen.



Word Mode

In the word mode, students will find three, four, and five-letter words. If word navigation is turned on, students can use the arrows to select the words they want to trace. Students are presented with one letter at a time.  They also get immediate feedback as they trace each letter, which provides valuable positive reinforcement and motivation to continue with the activity. If they do not trace the letter properly, they are given more chances to practice before moving on to other letters.



Customizable Features

The iWriteWords app provides filters that allow parents and educators to select the upper case and lower case letters to be presented to students.  This is especially helpful when students are struggling with writing specific letters.

To see all of the customizable features of iWriteWords, open the Settings feature from the Home Screen.

Once in the settings option, scroll down to the Apps section on the left side and select the iWriteWords app. The settings changed are automatically applied the next time iWriteWords app is used.


A Must-Have for Kids With Fine Motor Delays

The extent to which iWriteWords can be customized to address varying learning needs is impressive and its simple design makes this app a must-have for students with fine motor delays.


Want to Get This App?

Download iWrite Words:   iWriteWords (Handwriting Game) - gdiplus


This article was written by guest writer E. Quill, an educational technology specialist with a passion for using iPads to support individual learning needs. For ideas on ways to use the iPad for education, business and leisure, please visit her website: PadKnowledgy.


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