Millie And The Lost Key Storybook App Review

App: Millie and The Lost Key

Developer: Megapops LLC

Platform: iPad,  iPhone, iPod Touch (English)

Price: $3.99 Millie & The Lost Key - Millie Was Here, Book 2 - Megapops LLC

Category: Reading and Writing Apps


Millie & The Lost Key is a cool interactive book app for kids. The app tells the story of a dog named Millie who goes on a hunt for bacon. Along the way she meets characters like pirates and piranhas.

Millie Joins Fun With Skill Development

The Millie book apps are brought to us by MegaPops LLC, whose mission is to:

 … use a technology to which kids are naturally drawn to foster a love of reading, promote imaginative and inferential thinking, and help kids develop cognitive, creative, language, and motor skills. Education and language specialists have found that even the most reluctant readers are enticed to read Millie’s books.



When the user first opens the app, they will see a large book icon, a small question mark, a Help icon, an ad for other books in the series, and some app settings.  The interface was a little confusing because I felt that there is a bit too much stuff to look at, so you may want to help your child navigate the home screen the first time around.

Millie’s Sound Options

Fortunately, the app has a “Bedtime Mode” option that turns down the screen light and sound.  This was a considerable relief for me, because I sometimes find background music to be distracting.  There is also a “Read To Myself” option that turns off the narrator’s voice (but not the music).



Visually Appealing

Even as an adult, I found Millie & the Lost Key fascinating because of the fun interaction involved! The app features read-along text, where the words are highlighted as they are read aloud.  The user can feel like they are really going with Millie and there are tons of lovely visuals, a plus for those who learn visually (including me).



Stickers and Mini-Games

Stickers can be earned by pressing little icons like balloons and there are bonus games where the user must find treasure and avoid piranhas. Red buttons appear periodically to make characters fly across the screen. The digital pop-ups and mini-games add to the interactivity.

A really fun app indeed!

According to the developer:

A portion of all proceeds go to the Foundation, working to ensure that every homeless pet finds a forever home.


This insightful review was written by Mahina, a 19-year-old college student with autism who enjoys reading, food, and music.  She is also a huge technology geek who blogs at from aloha to arizona.

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