Picture Card Communication App: Helps Kids With Language Delays

App: Picture Card Communication

Developer: Noriya Kobayashi

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod (English, Japanese)

Price: $3.99  Picture Card Communication - Noriya Kobayashi

Category: AAC App


Picture Card Communication is an app that can help children on the autism spectrum with their language and communication development.



By using this app, you can create sentences with picture cards, enhancing vocabulary skill. You can also use the app as a way to communicate with one another.


Library of Words and Pictures



The app starts with a limited library of words but it is very easy to expand with additional picture cards of favorite foods, people, toys, animals, foods, etc. When you want to add to the library of words in the app, you can download pictures straight from the Internet. The app leads you to Google Images and it is quite manageable to assign a new image to a brand new word. You can also import images from an album from your iPhone or iPad to make the experience more personalized and more like an individual picture book.


Voice Recording Feature



The voice recording is a nice feature. It is very easy to override with your own voice so if your child prefers learning via familiar sounds, this is an easy element to change or even disengage. This is another way to make the app more child-specific.


Impressive Options


The settings on the app are impressive. The user can change the size of the flashcard as well as the placement of the caption on the card. There is an option to turn off the volume on the app for children who are sensitive to sounds. The talking interval can also be changed. Being given the ability to set the app’s pace of speech is useful when working on complete sentences. The app logs all history of use. You can see the user’s sentence history and word history by the day and by the hour. If you want to export the history by email, you can do so with the click of a button. You can send the entire history or break it down according to any set of dates that you choose. This is an excellent way to show use of the app to other adults who work with the child.



Picture Card Communication becomes quite intuitive after a bit of use, but the home screen is confusing at first. It would be beneficial to have a place for directions or a tutorial for Mom or Dad. After some use, though, it should be convenient for everyone!

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