Sentence Maker: Simple and Effective App for Children with Special Needs

App: Sentence Maker

Developer: Grasshopper Apps.

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (English)

Price: $.99  Sentence Maker -

Category: Reading and Writing Apps


Sentence Maker Wow’s Us

At first glance of Sentence Maker by Grasshopper Apps, I thought WOW what a great app — simple yet effective.  With all of the app’s feedback and customization, is it easy to get hooked and want to do more and more with it.  If I were a teacher, I think one of my main goals in life would be getting my students to the point where they want to continue learning on their own and look forward to the next step or lesson.



Simple Set-Up


Sentence Maker is simple for the user, but almost more importantly it is simple for the person setting up the app. The settings screen is easy to understand and navigate. No “computer guru license” needed to make the changes that will help your student or child embrace and enjoy this app.




Some apps have a high level of customization but are so hard or take so long to apply the settings that you get discouraged and forget about it.  The customization options in Sentence Maker are wonderful.  You can tailor this app to whatever you find works for your special needs child.


No two kids are the same, and this app hits a homerun on interface details.  If you want to incorporate simple things like sounds and hints; one swipe of the finger and you are ready to go.


But here is where I think the developer gets it: Every other setting that can be tailored to the student is just as easy.  I used this app on the iPad and everything was on one easy-to-progress-through page.  No clicking here and there and everywhere.  Just follow down the screen and make any changes you want.


Favorite App Options


I think my favorite setting is the one that allows me to change the game sounds (encouragement for doing something right).  I feel that people react better if they are getting encouragement from someone that they know as opposed to some stranger who is sitting on a chair somewhere in a recording studio.


Remember back to when you were a kid at a tee ball game another parent shouted “good job,” and then think about how you felt when your parent shouted “good job.”  I used to get goose bumps when it was my parents I heard shouting encouragement to me.




I did run across a couple of minor technical glitches in the app.  First, I found a few times when the words would not follow my finger as I swiped them in the sentence.  Second, sometimes the words would populate on top of other words, which is not a big deal unless your student wants to complete the sentence in order.  But, I’m sure these technical hiccups can be fixed with a quick update in the near future.



Conclusion – This Fun Education App Deserves Your Attention!


My conclusion is that Sentence Maker is a wonderful app that is easy to setup and customize and even easier to learn with.  Dare I say — it makes learning fun!


This article was written by guest writer Blaine B., a tech savvy professional who is a friend to Autism Plugged In.  Thanks, Blaine!


If you’re looking for more great reading and writing apps, check out our review of Bob Books Reading Magic.

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