Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car: Great App for Early Readers

App: Five Little Monkeys Wash the Carfive little monkeys wash the car autism app

Developer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android (English)

Price: $2.99  Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car - Oceanhouse Media   or  Download Android App

Category: Books



Three Different Ways to Read

Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car is a fabulous reading app that offers early readers three ways to read the fun, well-known story.


    • Auto-Play allows for the reader to sit back, watch the pages turn, and listen to the narrator read the story.  This function would be highly beneficial to pre-readers still unaccustomed to turning pages at the correct moments, or for readers with impaired mobility who may be unable to turn the pages independently.  In addition, this function models fluent, expressive reading, which is vital to early readers.


    • Read to Me could be considered the next level up, in which the narrator still reads the text, but requires the student to turn the pages at the appropriate times.  This is great for teaching students to track the words across a page as they are read, and also still incorporates the modeling of fluent reading.


    • Read it Myself is the most advanced way to use the app, and requires the reader to read the words and turn the pages.  A nice support in this part of the app is that the child is able to touch a word to hear it read if they get stuck on a word.



All three ways of using the app incorporate background sound effects, which makes the experience that much more engaging for the students.  Another fun feature, one that I discovered by chance, is that the child can touch objects in the pictures, see the word for the object, and hear it read; a great way to form visual images for text.

Five Little Monkeys And More By Oceanhouse Media

The app was developed by Oceanhouse Media, Inc., and they offer hundreds of books with favorite characters such as The Berenstain Bears, and holiday characters such as Rudolph.  These titles have similar functionality to this one and readers will benefit from the increasing challenge provided by each level.  If you enjoy this book, you’ll love the recently reviewed Boats app, also by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.


Want to Get This App?


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Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car - Oceanhouse Media   or  Download Android App

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