Multiple Meanings Library: Special Needs iPad App

Multiple Meanings Library iPad Special Needs App

App: Multiple Meanings Library

Developer: Virtual Speech Center, Inc.

Platform: iPad (English)

Price: $12.99  Multiple Meanings Library - Virtual Speech Center Inc.

Category: Education



Developed by a certified speech and language pathologist, Multiple Meanings Library was designed for those who have difficulties with differentiating between or among words that have multiple meanings.

Examples Include:  against, bark, bear, and bill



Kids With Special Needs Benefit From This App

Specifically created for the needs of people with language and communication disorders, this app is perfect for individuals on the spectrum.  It not only helps to expand their vocabulary it also aids with comprehension, which translates to improved oral and written communication skills.


Multiple Meanings Special Needs iPad App for Kids


Multiple Meanings Library was designed for teachers who facilitate several large classes.  However, it can also be used in other settings such as speech therapy centers or home schools to accommodate the needs of individual learners.  This is possible because the app allows the facilitator to set up one or several student users simultaneously.

Understanding Multiple Meanings

Once students have been added and selected, the teacher, therapists, or parent can customize the learning session by choosing from a list of 122 terms for the student to use.



Next, the facilitator must choose from six different activities for the student to complete.

The activities include:

  1. Auditory Bombardment
  2. Picture Identification
  3. Definition, Fill In
  4. Make Up Sentences



What Does Each Activity Teach the Child?

The Auditory Bombardment feature helps the student differentiate between the meaning of words by providing them with two contextual sentences and pictures of each term.



The Picture Identification activity requires the student to select the appropriate image that depicts the correct meaning of each expression presented.  The Definition lesson gives a description from which the student is expected to choose the correct meaning for from three different choices.

The Fill In lesson is an objective “fill-in-the-blank” activity commonly used on academic assessments.  The Make Up Sentences function gives the student the opportunity to create their own sentences by recording auditory input.  The student may work on one, a few, or all of the activities at the same time.

Assessing the Learner’s Understanding

A key feature of this app is that it allows the student to work independently while automatically assessing and saving the results of their performance.  This provides the teacher with the opportunity to review the learner’s scores at a later time.  Accessible through the “Reports” button within the app, this component is especially beneficial to busy educators responsible for managing several students.

App Lets Your Email Results

The app stores reports for each individual student, which is viewable according to the activity or the date and time it was completed.  Each lesson is scored based on a 100 percent scale.  The scores are viewable within the app or can be emailed directly from the app.  This makes transferring and sharing results easier.

Benefits of Learning Multiple Meanings

This app is well worth the investment for teachers and others involved in the education and treatment of individuals with autism.  With a database of over 100 words, the app can be used to enhance auditory and visual comprehension enabling speech and communication development.

Multiple Meanings Library is also able to store and transmit a large quantity of assessment data, which eliminates the need to grade and record scores.  This frees the teacher’s schedule giving them more time to tend to class management and administration issues.

Watch this YouTube Video of Multiple Meanings Library:

Thanks to Teri T., API’s premier guest author!  Teri is a homeschool mom of two kids on the spectrum, and daily iPad user.  Show your appreciation by sharing her review on Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you, Teri!

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