Next Dollar Up Autism App Takes A Fresh New Look At Money Counting

App: Next Dollar Upnext dollar up autism app review

Developer: Limited Cue, LLC

Platform: iPad / iPhone / Android (English, Spanish + MANY more Languages)

Price: $7.99  iPad Version – Next Dollar Up – Limited Cue LLC

Android Version – $7.99 – Download Next Dollar Up

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A Fresh Take On Money Apps

A big app topic among children who are on the spectrum is counting money.  (The Make Change app we reviewed a while back is a great example of this.)

Next Dollar Up by Limited Cue takes a different, more actionable approach that requires less mental math and more practical understanding.


next dollar up app


Think about this from your perspective: when you go to the store, and you want to buy a can of tuna for $1.87, what do you do?  (Besides use a debit or credit card, and assuming you only have singles.)  You immediately realize that since this number is greater than $1, you need to give 2 $1 bills and then collect the change.

This is how Next Dollar Up works, but for a couple of minutes I was confused, because I didn’t see any coins to drag into the counting area.  In other words, if you see an ice cream that’s priced at $4.67, your child needs to understand that they will have to provide 5 $1 bills to meet this price.


Using The Next Dollar Up Autism App

The Next Dollar Up application is for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, so no iOS users are left out of the loop.

The app is very easy to launch – when you open it up, a very large “Start Game!” button appears that will bring you to the main game screen.

At this point, the user has three buttons to choose from: MENU, a purple right-pointing arrow, and a green and white check mark.


Next Dollar Up Options – Menu Button

The Menu button takes you back to the main screen with the giant “Start Game” button!

Play Button

The purple Play Button is used to pull up a new price problem for the user to solve.  The app will speak aloud its request, “Give me $2.01 please.”

The user then drags as many single dollar bills needed to fulfill the request.

Forgive my lack of description for these buttons, but honestly, the fact that they need little explanation is a good thing – this app is so simple that individuals over a wide range of the spectrum should be able to figure out how to easily navigate this game!

A Chance to Try Again

Once you have dragged the number of dollar bills that you believe will correctly answer the request, the Checkmark is used to check your answers.

If your child puts in a wrong answer, they are met with a red X (and a funny sound) and a chance to try again.


next dollar up correction procedures


Positive Reinforcement

A correct answer results in a blue star (and another fun sound).

Once they get 10 correct answers, they will get a purple “Congratulations!!!” and an impressive positive reinforcement sequence.


next dollar up counting app


Alternative Currency Option

Limited Cue has also included alternative currently in the Settings area.  This feature allows you to choose an alternative currency that more closely resembles currency from countries other than the United States.


alt currency


Next Dollar Up is a Clear Winner!

Our conclusion:  This app lives up to expectations for those of you looking for a way to practice counting dollar bills!


Want to Get This App?

Download Next Dollar Up:    iPad Version – Next Dollar Up – Limited Cue LLC


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7 Responses to Next Dollar Up Autism App Takes A Fresh New Look At Money Counting

  1. May on June 12, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    I think this app really is great for teaching kids practical money use! Thanks for the review, Jack!

    • Jack Kieffer on June 12, 2012 at 10:20 pm

      No problem – I’m glad you find the app helpful!

      • Marie on April 14, 2014 at 5:59 pm

        I have downloaded the app, however there is no sound coming from the tasks requiring audio. Audio is working on other apps. Can’t see anywhere in setting to turn on/off audio. Music on is ticked but no music coming out either.

        • Jack Kieffer on April 14, 2014 at 6:09 pm

          Hi Marie, sorry to hear about your troubles. I would first try deleting the app and then downloading it again (it won’t cost you anything to do this – since you already bought it once). If that doesn’t work, you should contact the developers – here’s their website: Here’s an email: They’re also on Facebook: Hope this helps!

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  3. Wade on October 3, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    Next Dollar Up now features more challenging dollar amount levels, an alternate currency, is iPhone compatible and more! Thanks to Autism Plugged In readers for your feedback.

    Limited Cue LLC

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