Sosh Lite Lets You Try Out Sosh For Free and Build Social Skills Along The Way

App: Sosh Lite

Developer: Dr. Mark Bowers

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (English)

Price: Free Sōsh™ Lite - Dr. Mark Bowers

Category: Behavioral and Social Story


Sosh Lite app is the free version of Sosh ($39.99) and allows the user to try the free version before it converts to limited features after a 7-day trial period.

Sosh focuses on the “5R’s” of developing social skills:

–       Relate

–       Relax

–       Reason

–       Regulate

–       Recognize


sosh lite autism review


Virtually Relive Your Anxiety With The Stress Balloon

The Sosh Lite app can be used by those who have a desire to be social but have obstacles in their way (like me) or parent, teachers, therapists, and so on who want to help them with social skills. One of the features stood out the most to me: the stress balloon (my favorite)! Click on the Stress button and there is a virtual air pump to push and relieve stress or anxiety, which worked for me.


Shred Your Stressful Feelings In The Shredder and Transition Between Activities


sosh autism


Another good feature is the Shredder. Got a negative feeling, thought, or situation that you’re feeling stressed or anxious about? Just type that in and then virtually shred it.  Or the Transition Timer that helps the individual transition to another situation (aka change)…Lord knows I have a hard time transitioning most of the time, so that helps.

There is a warning and countdown on the Timer as well.


autism sosh iphone


The only problem is that Sosh Lite crashes too easily; one second the app is open, another second it’s not. Still, I would really recommend Sosh Lite for those who struggle with social anxiety (and for the stress pump), and I’m sure that the paid version is more stable. Here’s the link for Sōsh™ – Dr. Mark Bowers, if you’d like to check it out.

This awesome review was written by Mahina, a 19-year-old college student with autism who enjoys reading, food, and music. She is also a huge technology geek who blogs at from aloha to arizona.

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