TinyTap iPad App Lets You Create Your Own Custom Autism Games!


App: TinyTap, Turn Moments Into Gamestinytap autism app

Developer: Yogev Shelly

Platform: iPad (English, Chinese, French, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish)

Price: Free TinyTap, Make Games & Learn – Turn photos into free educational games and books for kids – TinyTap Ltd.

Category: Game Apps


Create Your Own Interactive Games With TinyTap!

TinyTap does more than provide a game that will help children on the spectrum, it provides parents and guardians with a base of tools from which they can build their own games and tailor them to a specific child.




When you launch TinyTap, you are greeted with a pleasant series of slides which describe the app’s purpose – they tell you a little bit about TinyTap, which is great for those who are less tech savvy than others.  It goes on to explain the three main buttons, which I will talk about later, and then leaves you at the home screen.

How To Start

TinyTap, a free app for children with autism, starts you off with three different games.  Before you do anything else, click on the game entitled “TinyTap Demo.”  This is not a demo game, which is what it appears to be, it is a step-by-step set of instructions that show you how to use the app.




This demo saves me a lot of explaining, and it gives you a hands-on guide to learning the app and creating your own games!  After playing through the demo once, I’m prepared to make tons of my own creations with little or no help from others!

Two Additional Games Included

The other two games that you get free with the app are “Where Is The Mouse” and “Who Is Bigger.”

“Where Is The Mouse” is a simple game where a mouse runs around in a block of cheese and your child needs to tap him to find him!  “Who Is Bigger” is a series of slides where the user must correctly choose the bigger animal.


What You Can Add To Your Games


There are a few important steps when it comes to creating a game.  (To make a new game, just click the Create a Game thumbnail that appears on the row of games on the home screen.)  The first thing you’ll want to do is add some pictures.  You can get these photos from your photo library, your iPad’s camera, or from the web.




After you’ve added the desired photos (the more photos you add, the longer the game will be), it’s time to do some audio recording.  You will want to record three things:  the question, a phrase triggered by the correct response, and a phrase triggered by a mistake.

The question should be something like “where is the baby?”  Users would then need to tap on the baby in the picture.  (You determine where a correct answer is by outlining it on the picture, and then when your child taps anywhere within that outlined area, they are assumed to be correct.)

The phrase triggered by the correct response should be something encouraging, but still related to the question.  For the previous baby example, you could say “Great job!  That’s the baby!”  or something along those lines.

The phrase triggered by the incorrect response should be something that lets the user know they are not correct, but it shouldn’t be so harsh that they become discouraged.  Simple admonishments will serve you well here.


In-App Purchases




In addition to letting you create your own games, TinyTap allows you to buy games from their online store.  (All of them are $.99 or $1.99).  This is another great way to have some games for your child to play, but I would recommend taking the time to create some personalized experiences.



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