Grammar App: Expedition With Plurals

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App: Expedition with Plurals

Developer: Virtual Speech Center

Platform: iPad (English)

Price: $5.99  Expedition with plurals - Virtual Speech Center Inc.

Category: Reading and Writing Apps



Grammar App by Virtual Speech Center

The Expedition with Plurals app is a grammar building tool that helps learners identify and correctly use noun forms.


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This grammar app takes children on a space voyage filled with fun!  Kids will learn the appropriate use of both regular and irregular forms of singular and plural nouns.  Expedition with Plurals will greatly enhance a child’s understanding of grammatical number concepts.  At the same time, it teaches them to properly express themselves through written and verbal communication.


Learning about Plurals


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Expedition with Plurals is a great adjunct to language arts lessons.  It makes this mundane subject more exciting and interesting.  Students gain a better understanding of singular and plural nouns through visual, auditory and tactile stimulation, which is an added bonus for children on the spectrum.

How Is This Grammar App Organized?

The app has a database of 72 nouns for students to practice from.  The terms are divided into two groups of regular and irregular plurals, which makes setting up lessons easier and more convenient for educators.  Additionally, lessons are automatically graded and scores are recorded for viewing or sharing.

Very similar to the format of Multiple Meanings Library, the Expedition with Plurals app categorizes lessons into five groups, which include:

  • Auditory Bombardment
  • Picture Identification
  • Fill In
  • Make Up Sentences
  • Memory Game

How Does It Teach Kids Grammar?

Each category systematically builds the learner’s understanding of plural noun use.  The ‘Auditory Bombardment’ function provides pictures of singular and plural nouns to help learners differentiate between the two noun forms.  The ‘Picture Identification’ and ‘Fill In’ activities test the student’s comprehension of plural noun use.


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Memory Game

The ‘Make Up Sentences’ lesson gives students an opportunity to formulate grammatically correct sentences using singular and plural noun forms.  The grammar app also features a Memory Game that requires the learner to match the correct singular and plural noun forms from a selection of at least six different terms.  The game both reinforces the information from the lessons and engages the child in interactive play.


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Why Educators Will Like This App

Expedition with Plurals is beneficial for both students and educators.  It helps students grasp complex language concepts through the use of educational technology.  At the same time, it allows them to work independently.  This frees the educator allotting them more time to complete other tasks.

A big shout out of thanks to Teri T., an Autism Plugged In guest author, homeschool mom of two kids on the spectrum, and daily iPad user for this stupendous review!

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