iModeling Autism App: Video Teaches Skills

App:  iModeling

Developer:  Mighty Kingdom

Platform:  iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (English)

Price:  $13.99 iModeling – Mighty Kingdom

Category:  Behavioral and Social Story App


“Everybody has the right to be social, everybody has the right to be safe.”

That is the impressive saying that appears on a screen when the iModeling autism app is opened. I love that quote as it’s very true.  No matter if you have special needs or not, we all have the right to be social AND safe — which I’m glad the app makers get.

Autism App Uses Custom Video to Teach Skills

The iModeling app allows parents to create videos to help guide their children through social situations.


iModeling Autism App


You must create a profile to use iModeling. According to the app, there are two kinds of profiles:

–       “Parent profiles which can create, edit, and manage video models”

–       “Child profiles which can view existing video models”


autism App imodeling video


To create a video:

–       Choose a title and background color and create an audio for the title screen.

–       Add a video clip.


iModeling Video autism app


Preview the video and then save it for viewing.

And you’re done!  You have created video that will help your child learn new social skills.


iModeling iPad App


I would recommend iModeling for those (children, teens, adults) who have trouble with auditory learning but do much better having visuals to learn from.

The skills in the video can be as simple as greetings, handling anxiety, or making basic foods. Even with all the helpful features, the app is a little pricier than some others we’ve reviewed.

It may reassure you to know that this app was developed by a reputable research group, which lends some credibility.  Per iTunes:

The iModeling app is based on research into Video Modeling conducted by Autism SA and the Disabilities Research Unit at the University of Adelaide in Adelaide, South Australia. The iModeling Project is funded by two grants from the Telstra Foundation over six years.



This review was written by Mahina, a 19-year-old college student with autism who enjoys reading, food, and music. She is also a huge technology geek who blogs at from aloha to arizona.  Thanks Mahina!

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