Miffy Goes Flying Storybook App: Interactive, Fun, Helpful


App: Miffy Goes Flyingmiffy goes flying storybook app

Developer: Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V.

Platform: iPad only (English and Dutch)

Price: $4.99 Miffy goes flying - Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V.

Category: Reading & Writing Apps


Wonderful Storybook App With Tons of Interactive Features

Miffy Goes Flying is an app that is a little bit pricier than some that we feature on Autism Plugged In, but you get what you pay for.  The actual “story” about Miffy is a solid length, so kids won’t get tired of it after the first run through.  There are also great interactive features built into the storybook, which make sure that kids will really engage with the material!  Plus, the drawings are adorable!

When you first launch the application, the user has three options.  The Book, The Play Symbol, and The Beach Ball.

The Book: Interactive Storybook

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Tapping on the book will bring the user to the beginning of the story “Miffy Goes Flying,” which is about her trip in an airplane with her uncle.  (The application is British, and I appreciated the “aeroplane” spelling!).

There are several stages in the story that takes interactivity to a new level that we haven’t really seen in storybook apps for children with autism.  Generally, as a child is reading the story, he or she can tap an object in the scene and make it perform some kind of action or sound.  This is true in Miffy Goes Flying, but this storybook app also has a stage where you need to help start the plane, race boats, guide the plane, and more, so it’s really quite an experience!

The Play Symbol: Voice Recording

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With this storybook app for autistic children, you can even record your own voice as you read along with the story, and then play it back later!  The good news is that there are a few slots for voice recordings, so you and your child can both record a version!

The Beach Ball: Fun and Games

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Within the Beach Ball section of the app, there are three different selections to be made.  You can play Sky or Land, Flying, or Make Your Own Card.

Sky or Land is a rather simple game where you have to decide whether an object belongs in the sky or on the ground.  For example, when the airplane shows up, you need to drag it into the sky.  When the worm shows up, drag him to the ground.  There is no negative reinforcement, which is a plus!

Flying is a game where the user controls Miffy’s plane by tilting the iPad left and right.  The objective is to gather all of the stars while you’re flying upwards, and it should be an accomplishable task for any child on the spectrum, as the stars come slowly and give even kids with less motor control time to maneuver the airplane.

Make Your Own Card is a mode where you can simply have fun with the different objects at your disposal.  Use them to create a wonderful picture by dragging them where you please!  Save your image, and share it with others!

Get Miffy Goes Flying at iTunes: Miffy goes flying - Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V.


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