Proloquo2Go AAC App Review: Is It Worth The $219.99 Price Tag?


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How I Am Approaching The Proloquo2Go Review

Proloquo2Go is praised among the autism community as the AAC app, as it has a reputation for an intuitive interface and a HUGE base of items to add to the communication dashboard.

proloquo2go aac autism app review


Does the product live up to the hype?  Is it worth $219.99?  Read our review, which takes you step by step through the application, and decide for yourself!

Proloquo2Go Set-Up and Start-Up

When you launch Proloquo2Go for the first time, you will be presented with a Startup Wizard.  In this wizard, you will be asked to input a User Name and choose between three different types of vocabulary.

Core Word (I Recommend This Option) – The Core Word vocabulary pack will start you off with a very substantial amount of choices to work with, and has “small” words on the front page, which I found to be extremely valuable.  (Is, do, have, on, not, what?, it, that, get, etc.)

There are many more choices in Core Word than with the Basic Communication setting, which does not have categories within categories. In the Core Word setting, if you click on food, you will see related things: I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, and others.  In the other settings, you will see specific food items without clicking through a larger category first, which can become confusing if you add a lot of food items using the Pencil tool, which we will go into later.

Basic Communication –  The basic communication setting is for the most basic of conversations.  There is an “I Want” button, which is nice, but I would definitely recommend the Core Word mode for users who are a little bit higher functioning.  If your child is not high functioning, then this might be a better option for you, since it is less populated, and you can add things that you think are necessary.

Blank Vocabulary – This is the most difficult option of the three, as it essentially starts you off with a blank slate.  Great for those who really want an extremely customized experience, but the set-up time is colossal for this option if you really want to get a comprehensive AAC board.

Four Important Buttons in Proloquo2Go

Keyboard Button –  The Keyboard Button brings a feature to Proloquo2Go that many parents will find extremely helpful!  I have friends who have been complaining that, even when the iPad keyboard is turned sideways, the keys are too small for their child to accurately tap.

With Proloquo2Go’s MASSIVE keyboard, I can guarantee you that this will not be a problem.  Let me put it this way: you need to scroll downward to see all of the letters in the alphabet.  Enough said.

proloquo2go aac app review autism


Home Button – The Home Button is very simple, but very important!  This is what users tap on to go back to the main selection of speech options – much like the home button on your iPad brings you back to your main selection of apps.

Pencil Button –  This button, located on the bottom of the screen to the right of the Home Button, is very important for all users of Proloquo2Go.


proloquo2go review


When you tap on the pencil, several options will pop up, the most important of which are “Add Button” and “Add Action.”  The Add Button function allows you to create new objects and place them on the AAC interface.  What’s nice about this is that you can take your own pictures or use one of the many that are already in the database.

How Big is the Proloquo2Go Database?

Don’t think that the Proloquo2Go database is huge?  By typing in the “Text To Speak” box when the Add Button option is selected, you can get recommendations of buttons that are already downloaded onto the Proloquo2Go factory bank.

Some obscure items that are on the list, just to prove how extensive this app really is, include:  burrito, crayfish, muscle shirt, and much more!  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you’re not looking hard enough!

Of course, you can always add your own picture, if you’d like!  (The add action does not have factory recommendations that pop up, so I would recommend adding your own pictures for these.)

Note: When you are adding an action under the pencil button’s options, be sure to look under the Action category.  The Action Category will bring up four choices.  You should select the one called “Add Text to Message Window.”  This will place it in the white space above the speech choices.  (By touching buttons, you accumulate words in the speech box above the pictures, and then you tap the white space to have the iPad or iPhone say everything together!)


proloquo2go review


Settings Cog –  The Settings Cog I won’t go into much detail about, as this post is getting lengthy and you can play with the settings yourself if you choose to download the app.  I will just let you know this much: there is no shortage of customization options with this incredible AAC app.

Just to give you an idea:  there are twelve broad categories of settings, each of which has advanced settings within itself.  Yeah – unless you want to read for a couple thousand more words, just experiment with them yourself!  They’re very easy to understand, I assure you – there are many options, but the developers have still managed to keep things relatively easy to understand.

So… Is Proloquo2Go Worth The Money?

In my honest opinion, this application is definitely worth the money, IF your child’s main issue is a lack of verbal communication.  $219.99 may seem like a lot of money, but if it can give you the chance to more easily communicate with your child, I would say that it’s an awesome deal.

Ready For Hands-On Training?

Go Here to Watch the newly uploaded Proloquo2Go iPad Demo Workshop, which we have split into 12 shorter, easy to use videos.  Watch the entire workshop or just the parts that interest you!


Get Proloquo2Go at iTunes: Download Proloquo2Go from iTunes


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  6. Marie-Lise Bouic on May 31, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    Can the proloquo2go provide icons for a severely uncommunicative child to tell a parent not only when she is angry, but why? Some kind of narrative set of icons rather than icons for requesting things. I am dealing with a child who is suspected of experiencing emotional abuse.

    • KayDee on July 30, 2014 at 5:47 pm

      Marie-Lise (beautiful name by the way) the P2Go does not have a narrative option built in, however you can program and customize it to where a simple narrative can be accessed at the push of a picture. HOWEVER, if the desire is for the child herself to independently say why she is angry, there are words and concepts within the P2GO to help her express that. Whether she select a classmate’s name/picture (you program that) and say “mean”, or select “Johnny” + “hit”, there are ways for her to express that. P2Go is not just requests, but commenting, inquiring, joking, etc. are possible with it! I had a new child today exploring P2Go for the first time, and when they saw an unfamiliar child, they found the picture for “who is that?” and pointed at the boy! There’s so much more to it. I hope that helped :)

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