AAC Application for iPad: MyTalkTools

App: MyTalkToolsAAC Application for iPad mytalktools

Developer: 2nd Half Enterprises LLC

Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPad  (English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Polish)

Price: $99.99 MyTalkTools Mobile - 2nd Half Enterprises LLC

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AAC Application: MyTalkTools Has a Story


AAC Application MyTalk Tools


The founder of MyTalkTools, Bick Pratt, is a dad like many of you.  His son was born with a rare disease that affects hearing, speech, and other faculties.  He had tried working with his son on other AAC applications, but found that customization of the boards was more difficult than it should have been.

That’s when he decided to create MyTalkTools.

MyTalkTools is an AAC app that, while it doesn’t come with a ton of pre-loaded content, will help you quickly and easily create boards that are relevant to the lives of your children.  The main goal of MyTalkTools?  To make customizing AAC apps easier.  Does it succeed in its goal?  Definitely.


Quick Overview Video


Making An Account To Access The Workspace

The way that MyTalk makes the customization of its AAC app easier is not necessarily by making great improvements to the in-app editing system, though I found this to be conducive to quick editing, but by adding a computer component.

When you launch the app, you’ll be greeted with an account creation screen.  Well, after you watch the helpful app tutorials, that is!  I would definitely recommend watching these videos.  The tutorials really explain the app well, and they detail how the program connects to the online workspace.

You need to create an account, even if you’re not planning on using the workspace.  (It is free for 30 days, but then you are asked if you would like to be charged and continue using the workspace.  Perhaps try it out, and if it works for you, sign up for the plan after the trial dates are up!)


The Workspace

The Workspace is an online space where you can see all of the boards you have created for a user as well as create new boards or edit existing boards.  The map view and the layout view are the two most important aspects of the online component, as you use these to organize the boards.  The bar on the very left contains the different picture/text/sound combinations that you can pull from!  (You can also easily create your own picture/text/sound combos within the app or within the workspace.


AAC Application for iPad


Who I Would Recommend MyTalkTools To

If you’re a parent who has tried other AAC apps and experienced little success due to unsophisticated customization options, MyTalkTools is the AAC application that you need!  This program is optimal for teachers and guardians who need specific items to be on the program.  It’s best for those who aren’t just looking for the basics with an unrefined method of customization.

This app rules when it comes to creating boards.  Users can select the number of columns and rows they want in a board, which is nice.  You can also add a “To Home” button that takes kids back to a place where they feel that they can comfortably navigate the app!


Express Feelings With MyTalkTools


Here’s a short video demonstrating how a child can use MyTalkTools to express their feelings.


Text To Speech Within Board Creation

Just one more thing.  MyTalkTools has an incredibly useful text to speech option for users who are creating an item.  Instead of always having to record yourself saying the name of the item, just type it in and let the automated voice do all of the work!


Affordable AAC Application: MyTalkTools

Another strength of MyTalkTools is the fact that it’s affordable.  While Proloquo2Go is also a great AAC app, it is out of reach for some because of its $189 price tag.  So, if you’re looking for a less expensive way to get some great AAC benefits, then this is the app that you’ve been searching for!


Get TalkTools AAC Application at the iTunes Store: MyTalkTools Mobile - 2nd Half Enterprises LLC


Want to try it out with a Free Lite Version first?  Click Here: MyTalkTools Mobile Lite - 2nd Half Enterprises LLC


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