Developmental Skills Apps: Dexteria Family Of Therapeutic Tools

Dexteria Family Fine Motor Skills Apps

App: Dexteria Family: Dexteria, LetterReflex, and P.O.V.

Developer: BinaryLabs, Inc.

Platform: iPad and iPhone (English, Chinese, French, Spanish)

Dexteria Price: $4.99 Download Dexteria – Fine Motor Skill

LetterReflex Price:  $2.99 LetterReflex - Overcoming Letter Reversals & Backwards Writing in Early Childhood Development & Dyslexic Children - BinaryLabs

P.O.V. Price:  $2.99 P.O.V. - Spatial Reasoning Skills Development - BinaryLabs

Category: Developmental Skills Apps

Trio of Developmental Skills Apps

The Dexteria family, developed by BinaryLabs, Inc.,  includes a variety of developmental skills apps.  These apps are designed to help special needs students excel in acquiring complex skills, such as fine motor dexterity and spatial reasoning abilities.  These iOS apps can be used in diverse settings:  schools, therapeutic centers, and in the home to help students master issues related to these developmental skills challenges.


Developmental Skills Apps Dexteria

#1:  Dexteria

The Dexteria app helps to improve fine motor skills, which can be significantly delayed in individuals with autism.  Young children diagnosed with autism often have low muscle tone because they don’t engage in physical activity on a regular basis.  As such, they may not gain the ability to grasp small objects, dress themselves, or write at the same age as their peers.

The Dexteria app presents a unique opportunity for such individuals to develop basic to advanced fine motor skills.


fine motor skills app


Tap It Activity

The “Tap It” function of the app helps children increase the precision and speed of their hand movements.


Fine Motor Skills App


Pinch It Activity

The “Pinch It” game strengthens the child’s pincer grasp, which is a precursor to more advanced skills such as feeding, self care, and writing.


Dexteria Skill Development App


Write It Activity

The “Write It” activity is a letter tracing game that requires high level precision and accuracy.


developmental skills apps dexteria


Tracking Progress

If you’re interested in tracking your child or student’s progress, Dexteria answers the call!  The Reporting and tracking features report time on task and progress.


Dexteria Fine Motor Skills App


See Dexteria In Action

Source: YouTube via BinaryLabs

Dexteria is available for $4.99 in the app store. Download Dexteria – Fine Motor Skill



Developmental Skills App #2:  P.O.V.


spacial reasoning skills app


The importance of spatial reasoning or the ability to visualize and mentally manipulate patterns and multiple dimensions is often underemphasized in education. This is especially the case in special needs education where other skills like speech and self-care take precedence.  However, spatial reasoning is essential in developing conceptual and abstract math skills.  Therefore, this area of intelligence should not be left to slumber or wane.


P.O.V. Focuses on Spatial Skills

Fortunately, the P.O.V. app was developed to help prevent this from happening.  This developmental skills app was designed with three different activities to help students hone their ability to spatially reason.


spatial skills app


Introduction to Viewpoints

P.O.V. uses camera vantage points that allow children to select and manipulate camera views to match scenes from various pictures.


P.O.V. spatial reasoning skills iPad app


Through the use of timed assessments, this app tests and sharpens a child’s ability to control objects from various angles to create visually dynamic patterns.


P.O.V. app


Drag and Drop Features


P.O.V. spatial app


P.O.V. Offers Progress Tracking

As with the first app we reviewed, Dexteria, P.O.V. also offers reporting, tracking, and emailing of progress reports.

P.O.V. is an essential part of this developmental skills apps trio.


See P.O.V. In Action

Source: YouTube


P.O.V. is available for $2.99 on iTunes: P.O.V. - Spatial Reasoning Skills Development - BinaryLabs


Developmental Skills App #3:  LetterReflex


The third of the family of developmental skills apps, LetterReflex, helps children overcome issues with letter reversals, which is a common problem among young learners.  Children often mix up similar letter combinations such as “q and p”, “d and b”, and “n and u”.


Flip It Activity – Interactive Learning


flip it Letter Reflex iPad App


Tilt It App – Kinesthetic Learning


The LetterReflex app provides a stimulating and interactive platform to help kids conquer letter reversals.  This app includes a “Tilt It” game very similar to virtual billiards whereby the iPad tablet is used to shift a ball into a letter pocket.


Tilt It Letter Reflex iPad App


Tilt It helps the child learn the correct name of the letters while improving his agility and large motor skills.  These skills are practiced as the child flexes and moves in order to get the ball in the correct hole.

LetterReflex, a letter reversal iPad app, is great for facilitating early childhood development and also for teaching dyslexic children.  The tracking and progress reporting feature is also a bonus!


See LetterReflex In Action

Source: YouTube via a4cwsn


LetterReflex is available for $2.99 in the app store. LetterReflex - Overcoming Letter Reversals & Backwards Writing in Early Childhood Development & Dyslexic Children - BinaryLabs

Are You a Teacher Looking To Do Volume Purchasing?


BinaryLabs have made a multi-user version of Dexteria VPP and LetterReflex VPP.  This means that it is easier to track and report progress for multiple students.  Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is available in the U.S. and Canada, plus 8 other countries.


This awesome review of the Dexteria family was submitted by regular guest author, Teri T.   Teri is a homeschooling mother of two children on the autism spectrum who holds a Master’s of Science in Education. Thanks, Teri!


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