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Touch And Write Engages Children

We all remember being kids, and we all remember dreading a boring class every now and then, right?  Let’s face it: a fair amount of our teachers never made an effort to spice up their class or to make things fun in order to engage their students!

Touch And Write and its sister app, Cursive Touch and Write, are educational apps for kids that were created by exceptional elementary teachers!  These apps focus on making the learning process fun in all sorts of different ways!

Teachers that I’ve talked to have seen plenty of autism apps that are educational, but the majority lack the ability to engage kids and keep them from getting bored.  Touch And Write brings excitement to educational apps for kids!


How Touch And Write Works


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Touch And Write is an autism app that lets kids focus on writing both words and individual letters.

Cursive Touch and Write, on the other hand, focuses on letting kids practice only individual cursive letters.  In this version, the app will actually connect the letters for them.  This app is a great introduction to cursive writing!

When you first launch the Touch and Write, you have a few options:

  • Aa
  • Picture of an Ant
  • Picture of a Gorilla
  • 123
  • Or, Choose From the Word Lists Slider

Aa is a list of letters (upper and lower case), the ant picture allows you to practice words in lowercase letters, gorilla provides words in uppercase letters, and the 123 lets kids practice numbers.

Choose a list of words, and let’s get going!

After you finish writing a letter, the name of the letter will be said out loud.  Each letter will also be named in order once you have finished writing all of the letters in a word.

In addition, the word will be coupled with a visual representation.  Example:  C, A, T – cat.  *Picture of a cat*


Customization Is A Huge Plus


educational apps for kids writing


Want to create your own list?  Touch and Write allows users to add their own word lists.  This is extremely helpful for things like writing names of family members or writing words that are commonly used in the household but aren’t included in the application.

Educational Apps For Kids Can Be Fun


educational apps for kids


Since I’m excited about a developer finally realizing that entertaining kids on the spectrum is key to teaching them, I’m going to devote an entire section of the post to talking about how FizzBrain makes this app fun!

As you begin writing a letter, a little monster character appears next to a line of cupcakes.  Drag the monster through the line of cupcakes to write the first stroke of the letter you’re working on!

For example: The letter “A” contains three lines of cupcakes — each line appears after the prior line has been devoured.

This interactive feature not only helps kids to write letters correctly, but makes sure that they don’t get frustrated and decide not to use the application any longer!


Write With Shaving Cream?!


educational apps for kids


Touch And Write also allows you to change the pencil that you’re writing with.  At first, this may sound boring and insignificant, but I can almost guarantee that kids are going to have a great time messing around with this while they learn!

Imagine this:  Kids can write with shaving cream, lime gelatin, different colored frosting, pudding, syrup, and more!  This sweet app offers 16 different writing textures.  What kid doesn’t like to write with their food, and what mom doesn’t like to watch their kids have fun without having to clean anything up?

Additionally, you can choose the type of paper that you write on.  FizzBrain offers 28 different papers, including 4 lined papers!


Kids Love Rewards


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Did you say Reward?  Your children will be thrilled to know that after they finish writing a word, they will be greeted with a bouncing monster that they can move by tilting their iPad.  Moving the monster helps it eat all of the cupcakes on screen!

These are two educational apps for kids that are fun and engaging, will help kids learn, and have highly desirable customization features!  Honestly, I don’t know what else an app needs!


Get Touch and Write at iTunes:    Download Touch and Write


Need a great app for introducing your child to Cursive Writing?


Get Cursive Touch and Write  at iTunes: Download Cursive Touch and Write


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